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  • DaBreeze21 DaBreeze21 Oct 5, 2009 10:49 AM Flag

    Is TOVC a buy at $0.70?

    I'm so tempted to buy in at $0.70. My current cost basis is $1.78. I have to figure that they will eventually sell something and the price could jump to like $5/share again. What do you all think? Am I talking crazy? I still have no faith in Jim, but maybe just maybe Keith can broker a deal with GM and license the technology for the Iso-Torque at favorable terms...I think manufacturing anything is totally out of the question at this point...they have no money to make anything.

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    • I think most of us are still here because we are underwater on our "investment" (if you can call it that) and want to make some money and believe in the technology, just not Jim. We hope that one day Jim bows out (maybe he will lose his voice permanently from all that smoking (does he smoke?), hacking, coughing, etc.) and Keith or some rational outsider takes us to the promised land.

    • < If No one on the BOD has ever bought a share, why would you??>

      Yeh but to be fair in most cases these guys have also devoted 9-10 years to this project with ZERO cash compensation- bills don't stop- still have to eat, pay tuition, buy the wife christmas gift ya know..??..I have no problem whatsoever with them being incentivized out the wazoo with common preferred shares whatsoever- what troubles me is their patience and the amount, quality and reliability of the direction of the company is sorely lacking..If these guys were outsiders they would know exactly how the "common" common man feels..Can you see JG at a shareholders meeting if Torvecian, Me or Dino had been CEO the past 12 years and JIm had been invested a million bucks with negative 300 % return on the investment ???Please he would be spitting blood or would have sold a long time ago..If you are still here you are stubborn tough resentful whatever but probably not too bright..and Yeh I'm in the club..!!! :)

    • < What do you all think? Am I talking crazy? >

      It is like asking fellow inmates in an asylum- do you think I'm crazy...?? I was buying up until a month or so aspect of my involvement here is steady- that there is value here potentially with pretty nice multiples from the current not a $100 a share..but with the proper news and a little "attention" and irrationale exhuberance this could have a run..$10 $12 a share????.Is Jim the guy to get it done..To date the answer is clearly no..My hope is that with Destler in the picture our level of "professionalism" increased dramatically. He should be COB immediately and empowered to deliver value and appreciation to the long holding shareholders.. We have been told many many many things that have never materialized and then have often been chastised and ridiculed- publically and privately for paying attention...Not good business to treat fellow owners with disdain or as a "necessary evil"....just my opinion ..that and 65 cents will get you a tovc share...

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