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  • postacct2000 postacct2000 Apr 19, 2005 4:23 PM Flag

    HSBK offerings

    I;m not trying to be a jerk, but if you are truly new to stocks/investing and have no experience than nothing is a "safe buy." An important part of investing is trying to quantify risk. Is HCBK a safe buy? Compared to what? Look at mutual funds, index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). This is likely the best way to go unless you plan to perform a whole lotta due diligence.


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    • thats the worst answer i have ever heard. the guy just wants to know if $10 a share is safe. not whether to invest in mutual funds! YES, its definitely a great insider price. you will probably make 25-60% on your investment. maybe more if you hold long term. but its a great price for a "flip".

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      • "it's a great price for a flip" -- I think you've flipped out.

        The only "flip" she'll get is to flip it at a loss. Most of the recent deals are underwater. Some are in the 8's.

        Flip that.

      • I'm aware what the fellow was asking. My answer wasn't the greatest, but it sure was better than yours. What do you mean by "insider price?" You understand the $10 means nothing without knowing where in the appraisal range HCBK lands. Why is it a great price for a flip? What metrics are you using? Price to book? 25% to 60% long term? Hmmm. How long is long term? I hope you are correct, as I have a decent slug of this and don't plan to sell, but why do you think it will rise. Market area, efficient operator, many Arms on the balance sheets, well positioned to deal with changing yield curve?


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