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  • rosscharlesgeller rosscharlesgeller May 18, 2006 1:02 PM Flag

    Where it Belongs

    Nice to see this stock priced where it belongs. Cannot support above 13.40 without better earnings or at least the outlook of better earnings. Even at 13.40 this is still not priced at a buy. Keep dreaming about $14.00, wont happen until better earnings.

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    • No more name calling ! and help us understand your point of view...why $.55 and what do the Analyst whom research this Company believe its heading, both on the earnings per share and then on the Stock valuation.
      Have a Good weekend and rethink your approach to your behavior and actions on this BOARD.
      I like this Company, its dividends and its approach to the Banking market......very strong Profit margins as compared to some other regional banking operations.

    • What are you talking about??????? I NEVER ATTACKED ANYONE FOR SAYING THIS IS A STRONG BUY, NEVER. I simply pointed out to TJ that he is a DUMB ASS based upon his responses to others questions. Where are you coming from? If you or any others believe this is a strong buy, good. TJ bases his strong buy belief on emotion not fundamentals, read his previous posts, he clearly states that emotions move markets not fundamentals. I have no problem with you or anyone thinking this is a strong buy. I however relate my ratings with my tradings. I am not buying anymore until EPS get over $.55. I am not saying this won�t go up, I am saying that at this price I am holding until EPS of $.55, that�s all.

    • As a Strong Buy poster MYSELF
      I took a strong dislike to seeing the name calling and the off-color language used, to show disagreement.
      If you look at the Analyst recommendation of Strong Buy, or may want to read the Analysts report
      and you can intelligently do your own research on this Company.
      My opinion is that they are a strong Buy based on the Growth Strategy, the profit margins, the Managements continued positive direction that has proved to maintain a growth a profit strategy , a continual long term gain in shareholder value and in addition pay a dividend, Which many other Companies do not elect to do.
      SO STOCKING..clean up your act and try and add some value here yourself by going out and doing the research yourself and then sharing some positive news or accurate informative information or
      GO AWAY!

    • Again another useless post from TJ. Wow he is such a source of information.

    • Why does the word DOOFUS come to mind. Like we all now have to answer questions to Stockinguptheass's liking. One just can't be nice and answer in a broad way. Some people PAY for services and they don't have to give away FREE information on everything they pay for.


    • TJ accuses me of having numerous screen names to hide my opinions, maybe you are TJ. If you can possibly believe that when the question is asked concerning what IS THE TARGET PRICE, and TJ responds with ITS A BUY, as smart, then Mr. you dumber man than I. He is a DUMB ASS, and evidently you didn�t fall to far from the TJ tree.
      Have a nice day.

    • I'm sorry....but U R the DUMB one here, Stocking. How old are you anyway, 12 YO. Get a LIFE!.....This is my last response to your stupidity. Say whatever, but TJ Is smart, diplomatic and has CLASS....something you don't have. BYE BYE

    • Hey jshort518 I went back and reviewed the posts AND THIS IS HOW IT WENT.

      Mesaage #
      19381 � question is �What Vectorvest believes this stock is worth per share.
      19832 � TJ�s brilliant response �Vector Vest rates it a BUY�

      Another example:
      19314 � post is �Ron Hermance earned 6.8 million and all they can give is a 1/2 cent increase in the dividend! Give me a break!�

      19315 � TJ brilliant response- �You should take a course in Finance 101. Basically one thing has nothing to do with the other. Sure we would like a higher dividend but dividends are NOT determined by a CEO's Salary.....Good Luck to you anyway.�

      19318 � My response � �tj you are such an idiot! I read this message board and try to ignore some of the people�s stupid comments but your comment is amazingly dumb. I'm quite sure shari wasn't trying to say that the CEO's salary is connected to the dividend, you are such an ass. Shari I'm with you, if they have that much cash lying around to pay him like that, they sure can increase the dividend by an amount that will at least get some attention.�

      TJ is a freaking moron, his responses to peoples questions or statements are totally left field.

      Ask the question of �What time is it?� TJ responds with its May 19th. His posts are comical.

      Ignore if you like, just trying to make people aware of how stupid others comments are.

      Thanks anyway!

    • I think it might be best for you to go back a review your responses. That response was only to state that it's rated a BUY nothing more. You blow everything out of proportion. Really take a look at how you respond. The whole board deserves an apology because of the language used by you. Sorry YOU are the wrong one. You offer Nothing but criticism.....and its NOT constructive ...Yes you should apologize to the whole board....I bet more people have you on IGNORE and thats what ou deserve. Sorry Stocking! Also note how not one derogatory word was used.

    • How can you possibly say I make no sense? I started posting because of Dumb Ass TJ's moronic comments. People would post questions asking for price targets, and his stupid responses would be its buy. That is how this whole thing started. With Dumb Ass TJ's comments. Go back and review my posts, they all started with TJ posting the stupidest things. Thank you very much.

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