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  • reclaimpower reclaimpower Jun 15, 2006 1:06 PM Flag

    HCBK poor money market rates

    Makes for less than a attractive candidate for stock appreciation.

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    • Hey "alertinvestor2001", your analogy is right on the money. Nice post! I think TJ is also right on the money with his posts. I'm sure TJ like most of us who are long term investors with HCBK just have so much at stake. Then we have to hear "stocking" making pompous, cutting, vicious and inane statements as though the MARKET IS AN EXACT SCIENCE when everyone knows it just doesn't work that way. The true meaning of "MARKET" is more a perception of what something is worth and what it will be worth in the future....As you say if you ONLY looked at current earnings for stock value you would have missed a spectacular growth story and a tremendous profit in per share price. Hell, then why would we need a STOCK MARKET. It would be so easy picking stocks BASED ON EARNINGS.

    • I guess you are asking me why am I so angry? First of all, I am not angry; I just get irritated by TJ's amazingly stupid posts. Everything I have posted has been right on the money. Yet people claim I have an agenda, then my agenda must be countering others idiotic posts. Others can attack me because they are trying to pump this into something it is not. I believe at times people look at message boards of a stock they may be interested in. I just believe that it is disgusting that people try to mislead others in their posts, really how much can you make by posting on this board. Do you really believe that your posts can swing the price on this stock? Anyhow, I am right on the money with this one, IT WILL NOT GO UP UNTILL EARNINGS INCREASE.

    • Maybe you missed my latest post so I'll ask it again. Why are you always so angry?

    • This guy Stockingup is just plain stupid...Do as most are probably doing and put him on IGNORE. He just likes to hear himself talk. I also believe he has a hidden agenda. Why would he care as much if he didn't have a hidden agenda. I'm one of those who he claims is a so called trader. Well for his information I have ONLY bought HCBK and I've accumulated a hefty amount of shares...NEVER once have I sold any HCBK shares since the went public. Again, put him on IGNORE for he's not worth any of our time or consideration. He would argue with a signpost. If you gave him a penny for his thoughts you would get change. It's hard to believe he beat out a 1,000,000 other sperm.

    • It is moronic statements like yours that makes me post. You are comparing buying a stock in an IPO , not just a stock but a stock in a good company and based on the valuation described in the offering it was A STRONG BUY AT THE $10 OFFERING. How could you possibly think the situation in 2000 at the IPO is anything even close to the situation NOW? You are comparing apples and oranges and saying the same philosophy applies to these entirely different situations. You people are crazy. People the ground floor is gone, granted this is a young stock but is has been establised, we are not going to see the gains we perviously saw, these previous gains were based on speculation and the stock was extremely overpriced. Look at the P/E ratios, compare them to established banks. This company now must perform to provide us with stock price increases. This is the entire point I am making, now where is there a hidden agenda? What nonsens you are making! The company now must perform, stock is not going to increase anymore without company performance, EARNINGS!

    • If you used today�s argument with the stock in 2000, you missed one hell of a ride up. I�m not saying it will perform as spectacular as it did between 2000-2004, but you should know that when your earnings theory starts to apply, IT WILL BE REGRETTABLY TOO LATE.

      Being narrow-mined makes it difficult for you to be open to the reality that there are other readers and posters on this board besides you and TJ.

    • Why are you always so angry?

    • Again with the cowardly defense of personal agenda. My only agenda, as I stated before, is to respond to your and your cronies� garbage posts about this stock. You guys try and try to pump this thing into something IT IS NOT, and IT IS NOT A STRONG BUY. I would love this to hit $14, $15, $50, I am a share holder not a trader like you guys. Finally, I only respond to the idiotic posts of you and your aliases.

    • Just to avoid the confusion, "Fit", it was 2 Trips....China was for BUSINESS and was over a month ago but Russia was for PLEASURE and that was more recent. I thought you were asking about my vacation in Russia.....Sorry! Russia was a very NEW experience....China was NOT and was a very quick stop.

      "Stocking" has nothing better to do than analyze statements people make and analyze earnings reports and then espouses BS based on a his/her PERSONAL AGENDA.

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