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  • encore122 encore122 Mar 9, 2000 4:52 PM Flag

    Insider buying

    HCBK insider buying is old news. It was posted on
    this board sometime ago. But thanks anyway. Never
    hurts to have good news.

    Speaking of insider
    buying does anybody own Washington Mutual (WM)? Also
    mentioned recently on CNBC as a favorite by one of the
    guests. There has been nothing but insider buying over
    the past year and at much higher prices. Even pays
    over 5%. PE is like 7 to 1. Any comments appreciated.

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    • I read in one article re the situation that Norfolk has 13G's on several N.Y. banks. Anyone know which banks, other than DME and the others already announced for aquisition.


    • WILLIAM PESEK JR. in Barron�s says S&Ls have been
      terrible investments (stk prices dropping like I own them)
      the last 2 years and everybody hates them. Talks
      about future of S&Ls in general and WM in particular
      (Could be interesting).

      Average P/E is about 7
      for large thrifts.

      Also take a look at the
      Current Yield and Trader.

      I think P/E of NASD is
      about 250 and those are the companies that are making

      The P/E on the S&P 500 is almost 30. A S&P P/E of 15
      would bring the index to 700.
      It can�t happen till
      it happens.
      A 50% drop in US market
      capitalization would be equal to a 100% paper loss in US GDP
      since the US stk mkt market cap is 2 times

      In 29 and 87, mkt cap was 82% and 79% of GDP.
      87, bond mkt cap was 2X stk mkt cap and bond prices
      rising cushioned stk price drops.
      Now the stk mkt is
      much bigger than bond mkt.

      I remember Charles
      Allmon saying this about the 73-74 bear market.
      idiots are paying P/Es of 7 and 8 for those stocks.
      was smarter than them, I bought the same stocks for
      P/Es of 5 and 6.
      The stocks eventually sold for
      P/Es of 3 and 4.

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