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  • blowinchunks blowinchunks Sep 22, 2005 2:05 PM Flag


    Which one of our new "faithful" longs is selling today?! The stock only behaves like this when a trader impatiently blows out for a small loss. Come on guys...which one of our new pumpers is it?

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    • I have to say shirazi...out of all the people that have come to this board in the past, I can safely say that you are the most educated new-comer. I am impressed that you have done your homework...and if you ever have a question that you can't find the answer to, feel free to ask.

      Welcome aboard...and pray for the best. Although we both agree on the fundamentals (and I have other ideas on how to unlock some value here), we need them to finally grow the web business. Without a substantial sign of traction, we will always trade with the multiple of a tele-conferencing company that is wasting cash on R&D and an enormous sales force. If you strip it down, you can more than double the EBITDA...a scenario for the board members to think about I suppose.

    • Basic rule: To make money, you have to spend money. CEO options are above $3. So, what else is new?

    • By the time RNDC makes any money and pays the board, lawyers, management, Research and developement, and last but not least yours truely....the stock holders, this is a dead horse. Good lord, the top 5 are rape'in any future earnings now. Lawyer bills are paid in stock options and cash, but the option are so grossly over paid your $2.20- $2.30 a share going to drop like a big shit when they go to cash out. It seems like the RNDC board is paying alot of bills with stock that "maybe" will go someplace? And if the stock does begin to rise if anyone goes to sell more then 200 shares the bottoms gonna fall out...GOOD DAMN LUCK....

    • What you are saying makes total sense...heck, even I was saying similar things at one point. Let me assure you that logic does not work in this stock. As pegleg put it's a money prison.

    • It is not time to talk about how high it will go but time to talk about how low it will go this time before bottoming. The big support is around $2.10. I have lined up my orders from $2.10 to $2.20. I already got some shares today and if someone is crazy enough to sell this gem to me then I welcome him or her.

    • Strange things do happen!

      I'm still thinking about the guy that paid 20 dollar per share for this issue.

    • I think it's going to $50 soon... :)

    • If RNDC increased its cash position last year the same as this year then that is a huge progress sequentially year over year. Eventually, the new cash will affect RNDC positively. One thing indicated in the 10Q is share buyback. RNDC has approved $5 million for share buyback which has not used yet. If the price is right then RNDC buys back its shares.
      Anyway, any good event is welcomed. I think sooner or later, RNDC will be known to some value investors since its fundamentals are very strong and that brings safety. PPS has no choice but follow the fundamentals. I put RNDC in software section which moves very slowly.

    • Should read "waiting for an event".

    • You would have said the same things last year. Nothing has changed, including the stock price. This is a stock that is loved to be hated. Trust me when I say you'll be waiting for an even.

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