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  • westboro_trader westboro_trader Aug 19, 2010 6:33 PM Flag

    Jim From West


    Given the close today. Your thoughts on ATPG/GNW Sep calls.

    I would appreciate a reply.



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    • Jim,

      II didn't sell the Sep $14 in wife's acc last week. Will do tomorrow.


    • Jim,

      Will be reviewing errors with my online trader to rectify. I will have to be clearer/specific with my communication to you but had noted my trades on-line.



    • jim- so now i'm a smart alec, fool, addict, gambler, and not able to understand anything. you sound like chump. problem is i've more $% than you since b-4 earnings, thats what gets ya, huh?

    • Jim,

      See it clearly.


    • Hey Rob,

      Many lessons for me this summer but I can see this CC strategy working. As I said before, I should have unloaded my entire position at $16, not just 50% in my taxable account. I should have not re-bought some in the high 13 range either....So I was faced with a decision to either cut my losses or stay-in. My focus was being pulled by many family demands and my finger was on the unload trigger but instead I read your messages with Jim. Then writing CCs made sense and a viable solution. So with the help of Jim I placed my hedge. The CCs and Jim's advice are helping me gain perspective and I hope to regain the edge I had as a trader before this past July. Let me say its never easy for a trader to be long in any form so this is an adjustment for me.

      Who would have thought GNW would be in the $11 dumpster right now. YEah, I wish I wasn't doing trades either but you and I both know that its pretty hard to ignore the markets even when your wife and kids are at your back, especially on vacation. Also Jim put me onto ATPG & ARIA which is also a big bonus. Soon the gulf moratorium will end and ATPG will move higher.

      Cheers Rob.

      Let's keep in touch.


    • recap your complete current positions on both.

      seperate your wifes in a different topic.

      trust you understand why i wasnt happy when you chased 1000 atpg up to $12.89 and then didnt just sell the $12.50 leaps for $4 at mkt when you had to deal with your family issue.

      those 1000 shares would have had a $8.80 cost today and you would have had the $4000 cash to do otherthings with at todays lower prices.


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      • Jim,

        Hey, I wasn't happy either now.... not doing it. I have learned my lesson. You should give a little patience and me some credit as I have changed my strategy almost completely in 2 key accounts as I saw the wisdom of writing CCs. I found day trading was becoming all too consuming... Would you do the same so fast? Any way: Here's my wife's CCs.

        ARIA-1K shares
        ARIA 10 - 01/21/12 3$ Call

        C 6K
        C 60 - 01/21/12 5$ Call

        ATPG - 4100 Shares
        ATPG 3 - 01/21/12 $12.50
        ATPG 10 - 01/21/12 $15
        ATPG 20 - 01/22/11 $12.50
        ATPG 5 - 09/18/10 $12.50

        GNW - 9109 Shares
        GNW 20 - 01/21/12 $12.50
        GNW 20 - 01/21/12 $15
        GNW 10 - 01/22/11 $14
        GNW 21 - 09/18/10 $14
        GNW 20 - 12/18/10 $13

        FORD 215 Shares

        Taxable to follow


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