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  • soulec soulec Mar 6, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Lord have mercy....

    Now $ is reporting old news about IPO and has forgot she has been pumping $30 all this time. Well, nothing on the DOW wire and Genworth management said it would be 3rd Qtr 2013 or 2014 before IPO depending on market.

    Now every Jake legged penny pumping day-traders has set up shop after the alarms went off Tuesday and would lie and distort the truth for a bottle of Jack the Black!

    Now, maybe one will actually contribute something of value, and if any of you were dumb enough to follow their links you now have a Trojan horse on you PC, etc.

    Now, the reason I bringing this up for our professional traders/investor's, something is very wrong with this pump and dump and it has to do with RDN, then they used the rumor about GNWselling something to pump and dump for two days.

    So, if you're long relax, the low end traders show up when the T/A alarms go off and ride the gravy train, I'd like to thank them for the free profits while waving a red flag at the SEC, but they will be gone soon.

    Stay focused, don't chase the stock and congrats to those who took the gap down and up trade and made 12% dividend on the trade, to you longs, I'm tired of trying to give you guys money, you are right back to where you've been before with a little bump long.

    It's all good, just ignore the fools they will be gone soon!

    And make sure you join the day-traders and down thumb this post, I'm hoping for twelve this time.



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