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  • dog01buck dog01buck Jul 8, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha article

    is very timely - 15 minutes before market opens on a Monday morning. Clearly (IMHO), a leveraged move. I had a stake in HBAN about a year ago and a Seeking Alpha "author" (no credentials required - I can write and publish) bashed it with faulty statistics and info. I "commented" and eventually he admitted privately that although he had stated that he held no interest in the stock - the representation was a lie and he shorted the stock just prior to publishing the article and he flipped out for a profit after a short time...

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    • It's just a blog with amateur articles. The problem with the rising yields argument is that it's basically about book value, and it's pretty clear the market doesn't care about book value with GNW (and others). If the market cared about book value, GNW would be over $20. So bears can't have it both ways. GNW may be overbought on a technical basis but that's a different thing and probably not a concern for long term investors. Going forward, after taking paper losses, insurers like GNW will earn more from their bond book -- another thing the article neglects.

    • That's Seeking BS...when I see that, I KNOW this stock will go up..nice to see the article..

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    • Seeking Alpha is a very suspect company. It prints many articles from unknown authors with no to little credibility. Last year a article was published by Seeking Alpha concerning a biotech company. Even Seeking Alpha could not reveal who the author was. The stock plummeted after this "report" was issued by SA. The article contained many discrepancies . Since then the stock has soared in value. I put VERY little CREDENCE with this SUSPECT company. As a matter of fact, this company should be investigated.

    • Seemed like someone wants to buy GNW on the cheap. With a tangible book value of approx $22 IMHO still way undervalued.

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    • An amateur at best Dog, a short for sure, anyone can write and publish an article in that news network. Interest rate increase are an asset to GNW, this guy hasn't event done his own DD.

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