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  • soulec soulec Oct 17, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    Big buyer still not known....

    someone has accumulated a large position, that is always good news for those holding long. Not sure who it is, but I just hope its not a pump and dump before earnings. With most of the positives already known and stock priced from the low $4 run to Mid $13's(CEO, two unit division(s) sell off, 2014 debt paid, employee reductions and expenses reduced by 80M+ in 2014, etc) its all about earnings. With only two items left on the speculative list, Ausi IPO/buyout, we know now the only thing left is Buyoutt/merger based on Genworth delaying IPO with no time line as of now.

    It's all about earnings and guidance now, but still nice to see sp only down 50%+ of BV. Its nice to see the soule bash crew cheering for a stock still 50% below BV, but as we all witness, they have nothing else to do.

    For those of you trading, RDN is making a higher % return on trades, I'm sorry, I said something negative about Genworth, must go!

    Keep pumping our long position, its free for us, no taxes or smoke breaks and as always, we don't hire felons, could you pump more tomorrow.

    For those of you learning to manage your money, when longs hit 52 week high, they starting making money again and all that money below for months, they ignored and didn't profit, good old fashion brick and mortar investing, brilliant!

    Group hug......


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5.10Nov 25 4:02 PMEST