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  • jarhead19881992 jarhead19881992 Feb 13, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    Today's option play.

    Jun 14 $15. 794 volume. Why you ask? Where are all the analysts after GNW great earnings. Quiet. Let the big boys grab cheap shares and call options. I bet money after this months options expiration the analysts will come out and start chirping. Oh I already put my money on the line, just grabbed some more cheap options.

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    • Looks like Zacks is first out with a positive article about USMI. Because, you know, they didn't know this 3 weeks ago when GNW reported earnings.

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      • Yes, but if Zacks is positive about USMI, are you better off with RDN or GNW? As of now, RDN is about 20 cents above GNW SP, so they are basically the same sp to enter position today!

        Not to mention, RDN is shorted 25% of float and GNW short position is not even a blimp on radar, so possibility of both longs and shorts buying in RDN will take sp higher st.

        But, to be discussed later, with February GDP possibly lower than January work stoppage, is it all a st bear trap? Market moved back up and I'm thinking 1st Qtr GDP is going to #$%$ some folks

        Wall Street is so much fun!!!!!!!!!

    • Jar, I just want you to know I'm cautious on GNW. As I stated, we've argued over the pricing of sp after earnings, we have math that supports mid $16's, somebody's nervous and we don't know why.

      With that said, we speculate a buyout is a high % call based on what we see, but at as lower sp to buyers

      If you're adding options, outside a trade, you might want to look at a longer time line.

      Just my opinion, carry on!

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