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  • megladon98_2000 megladon98_2000 Feb 15, 2010 9:15 AM Flag

    What "sane investor" will buy now?

    Its just for traders to bottom fish and flip. These can and do go below .01

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    • <>That alone is a personal attack and a basis to lose posting privelege combined with your repeated posts that bash me.<>


      Gawd how funny and childishly ridiculous. Come on.....

    • Well I don't know or care about any of that business.

      However, anyone investing in pennies had better know their own business instead of depending on others to guide their buy/sell decisions.

      Anybody here that has to rely on a message board for due diligence and/or help in making their buy/sell decisions, shouldn't be managing their own investment portfolio. IMO, it's beyond foolish to rely on stock message boards.

      And if you can't make an investment decision beyond dialing into a message board, you ought to be on a strict allowance and prohibited from touching any buy/sell buttons.

      Now that's just my opinion and I concede gambling is permitted. Just don't blame someone else when you put your own money at risk and lose it on a hot tip that runs cold.

    • BINGO.

    • No Hoggey, keep up. BB2 said she dumped this stock near 20c. My question is reasonable, why did she pump pwrm and other stocks here while she had already sold? I could care less when she or anyone else buys or sells, I make my own decisions and do my own DD, however I dont understand why she pumped down to .08. So she didnt JUST change her mind, she changed it weeks ago. Leading her loyal sheep to slaughter.

    • Hoggey,

      It's perfectly ok with me. They are hurt and they need to vent. At some point after they let off steam on the wrong person and come out of denial, they will figure out what really happened here. I just hope they will keep it together and make this workout regardless.

      When they are hurt and hurting, we just need to let them be, although they should not continue their disrespect.

      I am going to sleep now. See you tomorrow.

    • I would not buy here, but it is at "6" Cents because of the following:

      Development Stage since Brooklyn Inception:2004

      Net Loss: (66.376M)

      Primarily due to the following:

      Impairment of goodwill: 13.371M

      Stock Based Compensation: 34.318M

      Remainder: (18.687M)

      Last Reported Shares:385.487,654M

      Or: .0484_762_6 _ _ _ 1.23_77X

      Good one to watch. How great is it that the OTC Market exists!!!!!

      • 1 Reply to CJL72
      • Strong volume last 10 days: 1.215,320 Average Shares traded

        50 Day Moving Avg: .0625
        200 Day Moving Avg: .0985

        Development Stage since 2004:(66M), Market Cap:Approx 20M

        Good mutual fund and market hedge, and all garbage associated with it.....

        CF,NTA, RevAdjusted: $$M (121.238), (0.295_702) Per Share.
        Current Bid: 0.0475
        Price Target: [1.] 0.042472, (0.005028) -11%
        Price to Scheduled Amounts: [2.] (0.1436_312)

        Strike Price: [4.] 0.052041
        Estimated Spread: 0.009569
        Return [5.] 23% %
        Annualized: Revenue Since May-2004: 0.63706M [8.] 0.63706M, 0.0016/Share, 27.334PriceT
        Business Intelligence Issues: [9.] (42) $$M, (0.101_778),


        1 SKK = 0.0441 USD

    • BB2L-boy, what does that have to do with the reality of the PWRM scam buyout of StinkTronix?

      Now don't take offence BB2L, but IMO you're aim is well off of center mass by focusing your shots on BB2 and by attacking & mocking her posts. You accomplish NOTHING, except in letting off steam.

      If you'd give it some INTELLIGENT THOUGHT, you'd see she just changed her mind. SFW, So FUCKING WHAT?

      Have you ever changed your mind BB2L?

      NO! So you mean when you make a turn going the wrong way down a one way, instead of hitting the breaks, stopping and turning around, you'll just hit the accelerator and gun it full speed ahead into a head on disaster?

      PWRM turned out to be a turn going the wrong way down a one way street. PWRM was only going one direction - into Grifter Helen Park's account, not yours or mine or BB2's account but Helen Park's and the StemTronix's shareholders - or so it appears based on known facts, aka the 8K. Some of us have taken the time (lots of time) to read through all the relevant material, which has been filed and released by Power3 Medical (imagine that).

      Try reading an 8K, 10Q or anything related to PWRM and/or StinkTron. You might actually learn something or do some real DD - due diligence.

      A wise investor/trader adapts to the changing environment. I've only been on this board a few short weeks, but I hope - no I wouold expect to see intelligent investors capable of recognizing a bad turn (of events) and adapting quickly enough to avoid a complete investment disaster.

      Furthermore, I would hope these interlligent investors would be so kind as to share there DD and say "watch out guys, management made turn going the wrong way down a one way street, and we better get out now before slamming head on into $0.00000 per share.

      IMO, you should thank the many individuals sharing their personal DD because that takes hours and hours of hard work to do right. Since I do this for a living, I can attest to the hours upon hours I spend digging up information. While I haven't posted here long enough to make much of a contribution, it's obvious that many individuals (including BB2, Lucy & many others) have made generous contributions

      Perhaps you should be grateful to these people, including BB2, instead of blaming them for the PWRM decline in pps, and instead be angry at Grifter Helen?

    • Please give it up and give it a rest. Come tomorrow, you are going straight in my iggy bin along with some others cuz I won't have time for you.

      Have a good night. You might want to watch and learn.

    • Yes the threats and facts are clearly in my favor, I agree. And your id BB2 is made to manipulate others, and to your credit you are very good at it...but it is still not the way to treat others. It is that simple. You are not great, you might could be but you would rather play manipulator...sad. And I have to admit you do have a big blown head and are arrogant, that was actually

    • Please report me. You can continue with <oh, you are threatening me> but the facts are clear. You made the mistake of changing IDs to insult and ridicule me. And you can stop with the ridiculous posts. You are Buybio2liar. That speaks for itself. Enough said.

      Yes, I am the great BB2. A big blown head, as arrogant as they come. LOL. But I am usually right.

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