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  • kentospain kentospain Jul 1, 2010 5:34 AM Flag

    Remember: This is not an overnight sensation

    PWRM has improved the technology for 10 years using proprietary procedures.And their management team and partners have experience in the commercialization of diagnostic tests.

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    • Hi Ken...

      Thank very much for pointing out that this is not an overnite sensation.

      Ray, here and waiting but have transfer reserve cash into other stock. time has wore so out waiting.

      keep this board alive some how

    • this is a 2 person company that owns patents to first technology for theiur purpose. they only spend money on getting fda approval and commercialization... they only have shares of stock, no cash.....if you believe in the technology, which i discovered from an article in science magazine 2 yrs just have to wait..

    • This is a proteomic Bioscience Company. Development Stage Since '03-'04.......It does not get any cleaner!!!!!

      Share Price:'03-'04:6.00

      Late'09:.15, for 40M shares.....glad it is not there now.....

      Shore point Exits 25 - 10:_OC to SH, Clean Exits!!!!!


      CF,NTA, RevAdjusted: $$M (83.631) (0.19_549) Per Share.
      Recent High Price: 0.0360
      Low Price Range Near Term: [1.] 0.0300, (0.006041_00512), (16.78%)
      Price to Scheduled Exit Amounts hahaha!: [2.] (0.15_325_0717_413_1077)
      Revenue Since '03-04: 0.5M, [8.] 0.5M, 0.001278_178_165_0678/Share, 23PriceTo
      Brooklyn & Media PA, Business Intelligence Issues: [9.] (18.44) $$M, (0.04_31)/Share
      [10.] (0.695_0252)PriceTo
      [11]: 11 Adjusted Book$$M: (3.76)M, (0.009)/Share, (3.39_643)PriceTo
      [12.] 1 Year Minus: 0.22, 0.0360, (83.644%)
      [13.] APIC to Equity:72.513M:w/ Equity @(6.416,727)M: Common Stock Auth: 600M, 0.427397M, 0.0009_99, 29.98_72PriceTo

      Weighted Average Adjusted Price, Price Metric:
      (0.00478_806), (152.974_282_0111)

      Trading @ +: 0.0408, +: 152.821_0312

      The Company has developed a portfolio of products including BC-SeraPro™, a proteomic blood serum test for the early detection of breast cancer, and NuroPro®, a serum test for the detection of neurodegenerative diseases.


      Synergistic location schedule in effect.....The Pines at Clermont Course, was also a nice place, which I frequented often.....Nice people there, PAR 3 Executive Style Course.....358 Kings Highway.....Off Route 9 & 83.....

      1 TWD = 0.0310222 USD

      Another great night for Minor League Baseball events last evening.....Good time!!!!!

    • Hi Ken...

      Thank very much for pointing out that this is not an overnite sensation.

      Now I'm thinking correctly. Appreciatively...Ken

    • Because of the downturn in the economy, like most companies, Power3 Medical was forced to reduce the size of the company for space and personnel, but they were smart enough to to shift it's pipeline positioning and put most of their resources into that test- which in the U.S. alone presents the company and it's partners a screening opportunity worth $31.2 billion and there are no other current blood based test available for early stage diagnosis or monitoring of therapies in development. (Source: NIMH, Alzheimer’s Association)

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      • Remember: There is no money for marketing at this moment.

        Remember: The market off p3 is much bigger than hgsi,dndn,vrmql

        Remember: Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ:GHDX) has a diagnostic test (Oncotype DX) which is used for breast cancer patients. But it is only used to predict the likelihood of cancer recurrence and the likelihood of chemotherapy. That genomic-based clinical diagnostic tests basically allows physicians and patients to make individualized treatment decisions. That company's shares trade in the $20 range.