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  • bordmup bordmup Feb 17, 2006 5:56 PM Flag

    heard alittle rumor

    yesterday about our nuke plant in braidwood il, one of my fishing spots "cooling lakes" set right along side the famous kankakee river"my river" for dem dar big fish.

    seems they are picking up traces of radiation in the soil and lakes, just getting the info 2nd hand. seems odd just as nuclear energy is surfacing is the old commonwealth edison now escalon.have to wait and see if it pops on the news.

    clif as soon as i figure out how to spell that one"escalon" i'll get the ticker and check it out.

    if true, what effects will it have on building additional plants?

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    • If this ends up true it will probably be kept quite. The nuclear industry is right next to the oil industry. As far as being in the pockets of the politians. Money and energy first health issues down the line some where. But I'm almost thinking about the exceptance of small nuclear plants around the country to produce electric for splitting water for hydrogen for fuel cell autos or hydrogen internal combustion engines to get the country off of oil and out of the Middle East. At times it seems like the US is in a bad situation either way we go. But with hydrogen at least it should be no more wars over oil.

    • why do you think dem fish are so big?

      as you listen to the rumours just keep in mind that nuke hazard is dose-dependent. those against will stoke the fear-furnace of those who know no better by steering clear of the details and amplifying the significance of something perhaps not so deserving. reading the 'skeptical environmentalist'. all about the responsible treatment of the data. it's an illuminating read, no matter which side of an argument one occupies.

      like the teflon articles - notice that whilst it's rumoured now to be a carcinogen not one of the main stream articles describes the dose one needs to ingest to be at risk, or the form the ingestion must take (can you get a dose from cooking eggs in a pan that's in good shape? what about one of my college pans? or do you have to drink the chemical in it's pure form for 30 days? etc).

      go q, i say.

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