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  • azbo2803 azbo2803 Sep 14, 2013 12:12 AM Flag


    In my opinion UQM is a great company with a product which is already needed and will be needed much more in the near future in the emerging market of individual electric transportation. Tesla is trail blazing and creates a completely new market which is the way of how we will get around tomorrow. Tesla is way overvalued but UQM is just the opposite and therefore very attractive for investors.

    Suggestion and subject to vote on:

    How about we form an IAC (Investor Action Commitee) which promotes UQM products and makes suggestions to UQM what else will be needed in this future market and what ideas in our opinion could expand their market and could increase their market penetration.
    I am sure we have a bunch of interested UQM investors and a lot of brain power here to cook out amazing ideas which we then discuss with UQM. This would give UQM a brain pool which by the way is the secret of google's success and power. Let's apply it here.
    One fact is clear, we are all here to make money. So let's take charge and contribute our brainpower to where we already put our money.

    I am asking for your response. If we have a substantial number of investors who are interested, let's take the next step, but let's find out first if this is of any interest to you.


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    • Who are you people? Where did you come from?

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      • Hi bartholomewcubbins, I don't understand these questions. I try to answer and can only speak for myself. I am an investor interested in new technologies and emerging new markets. I came here because UQM is a supplier of highly efficient electric motors for electric vehicles. ...and UQM is undervalued and has a lot of growth potential. Thanks to Tesla this market explodes and UQM is a player.
        Well, I hope I answered your question. I also gave you my motivation why I am on this message board.


    • Hi I am a long term message board reader of a number of alternative technology stocks, UQM since 2001. I believe this is the only way to survive the problems we face as a species and have lost a great deal of money as these new non profitable stocks are destroyed by shorters and the established corporate pigs . I watched Astro Power forced into bankruptcy then get its assets stolen by GE then Energy Conversion Devices having the same thing happen last year now SATC is under extreme pressure. These three were both selling a good product but were a threat to corporate profit. The fact that UQM is not profitable may be the only reason it hasn't been destroyed . I have had creative ideas all my life and try to think outside the box. I have kept a low profile because I feel some of my ideas could be game changers and a threat to the status quo and or patented by another and shelved as I think many solutions are. I am encouraged by what azbo has presented here although I realize we have no secrets on a message board or computer. And if we put out solid solutions without patent protection we the human race will loose and most other forms of life. I don't believe one can own an idea and those ideas that can heal the earth, our mother, need to be given a chance. The internet has made communication to easy and too open there is too much information and nothing solid or factually certain in our computers . I am presently trying to develop a way to hybridize antique vehicles to at lease get power from braking and solar we have to stop destroying out dated technology and wasting that energy used to create it,only to make something so complicated that we are dependent on advanced technology and cant repair it without advanced help.
      Sorry for the ramble I am a slow typer and terrible speller but I encourage this dialogue . I have never sold any of my UQM shares nor have I sold most shares of stocks that have gone bankrupt since Astropower in 2005.

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    • I think I should clarify a bit more what I mean with creating ideas for UQM:
      I do NOT mean that we just spit out some ideas here on the Yahoo message board. This message board is just a tool we use to talk to people who are obviously already investors in UQM. If we get a bunch of interested investors together, we get in touch with UQM and get a analyse the potential of UQM. Here I mean somebody, maybe I will or a group will go there and tour the company to get more information than public ally available of what their capacity and their outlook is. Their sales force, their research and development, their accounting, etc. we will have an assessment. When we have that we will take the next step.

      As I mentioned before, I am a turn-around professional and I very successfully applied these creativity strategies. I however not only worked with management but with all the employees on all levels. You can not believe in what pool of creativity you are tapping into when you allow people to open up and share their thoughts. Most of them hold back because they don't dare to share their thoughts. In most of the cases they are told to keep their mouth shut and do their job.

      What I mean is a serious engagement. Not that I think UQM has to be turned around, the opposite is the case. But I think the collective brainpower focused on one spot, UQM, and ideas which are thought through including financials, production, sales, logistics, everything. This requires bright people who know what they are talking about. I am absolutely certain that these people are spent here on this board. I mean serious investors who are interested n the company not gamblers.

      Of course we have to introduce ourselves to UQM properly, in order to grow a trusted relationship on both sides so we can work together successfully. Maybe we even can establish a working team with UQM which meets on a regular basis.

      All the above is a vision right now substantiated by nothing. It is just a thought.

    • yes just what i want to invest in a company relying on yahoo message board for iteas and "brain power". thats exactly how tesla did it. musk didnt have any ideas, he just combs the yahoo message boards and steals. what a joke this idea is. why not just assign a high school home work project entilted how can uqm make money. yeah that will work

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      • Seethelong, you missed the point. Google for example is recruiting young and I mean very young people to come up with unusual ideas. Google earth was created this way and a bunch of other ideas. This way google evolved from a search engine into a power company which has its hands in almost everything today. Creativity is the key word here.

        We are not relying on yahoo messages! We use this board to find qualified people to take I from there. It takes some vision to see the potential and where this is going.
        If we get enough people interested in this we could open a yahoo group as communication platform and start being creative. I don't see any sense in investing in something in which I am not willing to contribute my brain power into as well. Why should I? As a passive investor I am missing out on my chance to take charge of my own investment.. I am rather active.

        Let's put our mouth where we already put our money. What do we have to loose? NOTHING! But we have everything to gain.

        If you think you have a good idea and should not give it away, this only makes sense if you have the money to realize our idea. In this case YES you are right. You should make money with it yourself.
        But if you don't have the necessary funds to realize your idea, why not give it to a company which has the funds and you are an investor in? It will make your investment in that company even more valuable and you profit without taking the inherent risk to loose your startup capital and fail.

        Anyway, these are just some thoughts. Any more comments? ...or takers?


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    • michaelterrace Sep 14, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

      I think your idea is a very good one, I for one will go along with you, ideas like yours are what build big business. Terrace

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      • To answer the looming question of possible critics right upfront: NO, we are not out to pump up the stock artificially and then run. The "pump and dump" strategy may only work once and ruins reputations. We don't do that!

        Our goal is to add value to the company in form of suggestions born from a combined brainpower of interested investors in UQM. Born from from collective creativity which may lead to exciting new opportunities for UQM. Which gives UQM the opportunity to have their ear very closely to the pulse of their market. Which may even extend their market.

        We can help the company grow. At the same token we help ourselves because we increase the value of our investment.

        Again I am asking you for your vote. Terrace is in and so am I. Let's get some more investors on board.


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      • Thank you Terrace. Let's get some more people on board. In the age of modern communication and social media we should be able to "get together" at least on a national level if not beyond. Our money is already invested in UQM and we all hope that the stock will go up. Well, it will ----- and we can help it along.

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