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  • uqmman uqmman Apr 4, 2014 7:40 PM Flag

    just imagine

    what this company would do with volume like plug bldp or fcel ....whew....think 10.00 would be achievable...cmon uqm sign sumpin..its TIME.

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    • Imagine a man, not a child of any revolt
      But a plain man tied up in life
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    • I have lots of doubts about fuel cell stocks - NEVER bought into the hype because the cost per vehicle and the source of fuel and costs, BUT UQM is a different deal. The motors can be used with any power source. OUR only problem is that the whole electrification process has taken SO long, but that has changed. NOW, if we only had a sales force.
      As to your goal of $10 - I think that is very doable, with a sizable contract, because of many factors. One contract will put UQM solidly into a profit per share since we are so close and there are less than 40 million shares outstanding and we have NO debt. And, a little thought about fact is that we have about $90 million in carried losses. That means that there will be no taxes to pay for the first $90 million of earnings.
      If either of the Japanese or Chinese bus manufacturers placed an order for 5,000 motors and controllers that could be $25M in revenue and probably more than $6M in gross margin with an estimated $4.5M in net per share which would be more than $0.11 per share and 2 such contracts in a year would yield approximately $.25 per share. I would expect that growth in revenues to create market PE of about 35 therefore a stock price of $8.75. However, it's all a guess. Less sales, and lower GM would make the number lower, and higher sales and margins would make the share price higher. IF CODA had not failed, or if Audi uses UQM in a line of cars, UQM could potentially reach $25.
      NOTE that UQM's trading volume has moved from 30K/day in the past to 800K per day. Those volumes are not due to you, me, or most of the posters on this board - we are all pikers. Some, like the Blue Dolphin own millions of shares, but remember there are only 40M shares outstanding. This stock is turning over every 50 days at this rate, and my guess is that your stock does not turnover every 50 days. Hmmmmm

    • Desperate are you? Sound like it

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      • not desperate jane.....just ready....after the cert I thought it would happen fairly quickly....but should realize nothing with this company has been quick...I just don't need another umpteen years for it to develop.....I am a very VERY long term holder of this stock... and just ready.....I hope I live long enough,,lol

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