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    Certificate of Incorporation with amendments By-Laws Free-trading sample certificate photocopy (front & back) Do you report on Edgar? If so, are you current with your filings. Provide copies of the Issuers last 10K and all 10Q's filed since the fiscal year end. Current transfer agent generated shareholder list, indicating name and address of each shareholder, amount of shares owned, date of share ownership, and whether the shares are restricted, control, or free trading. The shareholder list should contain a legend containing: total shareholders, total issued/outstanding shares, total restricted and total free-trading shares. Describe how the issuer acquired its free-trading shareholder base, including a description of any exemptions from securities laws that may apply. Any agreements creating restrictions, liens or encumbrances on or relating to the transfer or voting of shares of the Company and/or each of its subsidiaries. Agreements evidencing stock rights, warrants or options relating to the company and/or each of its subsidiaries. All stock purchase or asset purchase agreements pursuant to which any division of the Company or its subsidiaries were acquired or disposed of since the last five (5) years. Has the issuer entered into any discussions or negotiations concerning a potential merger or acquisition