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  • djmrunfast1989 djmrunfast1989 Jun 22, 2010 1:33 PM Flag

    are we all looking at the same stock?

    from the 10-q:

    - zero sales in the past 6 months and nor projections for the future

    - and this lovely quote: In the opinion of management, available funds and funds anticipated from forthcoming borrowings and equity sales are expected to satisfy our working capital requirements through July 2010. However, no assurances can be given that we will secure additional financing or revenues in a timely manner, if at all, or that such funds would be sufficient to achieve our intended business objectives.

    - yes, that is next month, they run out of money

    - so much for Nj's bullish trend starting the uptick - ran straight to 0.042, harumph!

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    • i saw nothing of manufacturer financing, and

      the purchase of shares by the hedge fund is not a guarantee of a purchase

      my reference to dilution is that paying for continuing operations with equity is a slippery slope: "hey we don't have any cash, let's print shares."

    • Dude:

      Yes, we are all looking at the same stock, but we interpret available information differently. Your interpretation is, I'm afraid, a bit myopic.

      This is after all a development-stage penny stock. No one is underplaying the risk.

      However, your points might apply to a stock selling for $1.00 +, but less than a nickle.

      Zero Sales ... of course they have zero sales ... they haven't begun to do business. BUT, the product is there and the market is there.

      The "lovely quote," as you put it, in the 10-Q is a "boiler plate" blurb that all development stage companies must warn about. They have a $5 Million equity line, which should last well past July ... WITHOUT SALES!!!

      ... "ran straight to $0.042." Last trade at $0.045!!

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      • "the product is there and the market is there"

        and why exactly are you so sure of that without a single (well actually a single) unit ever used in the field? it is a long way between the lab and the field

        "They have a $5 Million equity line, which should last well past July "

        that is VERY different than cash in the bank, as i am sure you know.

        ""ran straight to $0.042." Last trade at $0.045!! "

        my bad, that was .043, not .042. regardless you and others on this board use WAY TOO MANY ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS !!!! to be taken too seriously with predictions of UPTRENDS!!!