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  • djmrunfast1989 djmrunfast1989 Jul 7, 2010 9:40 AM Flag

    BK all day

    "In the opinion of management, available funds and funds anticipated from forthcoming borrowings and equity sales are expected to satisfy our working capital requirements through July 2010. However, no assurances can be given that we will secure additional financing or revenues in a timely manner, if at all, or that such funds would be sufficient to achieve our intended business objectives. "

    What else do you need to know? This is from the the mgmt of the company. Are you going to out-hunch them? Trust nj_inv more than the co's own mgmt? Gimme break.

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    • it amazes me how people get on here act like they have predicted a companies decent. is it a REVELATION that a company might be facing bankruptcy when its stock is at 2 cents? is it a BOLD PREDICTION that a company struggles to get their product on the market and funding in the early going? thank god we have people like you with your uncanny insight to tell us that bankruptcy could be looming. without you we couldn't have figured out that it could be a possibility. all of us figure that a penny stock is a sure bet, its a diamond in the rough, buy it at a penny sell it for $30. we never would have dreamed it might have some rough roads, financial difficulty and hardships. no risk here, that's what penny stocks are all about!!!! that would explain why its at 2 cents and NOT A DOLLAR! thanks though we will all be on the edge of our seats waiting for your next REVELATION and BOLD PREDICTION, obviously those of us who take a chance on penny stocks aren't aware ......ssshhhhh...( might be risky). but people like you make us see ....we are not smart enough to read! thank you

    • once again .. this is a penny stock -- there is a reason it is 3 cents

      i think everyone in it realizes the considerable risk involved in this stock

      i personally like the volatility of penny stocks and dabble with ones that i think have potential like this one

    • or could it be a situation like IDPI? Great product, great press, but spending more money than they had.

      A statement like 'Now they just need to market and sell this this thing' significantly underestimates what it takes to successfully market and sell.

      In the end, at IDPI, all assets got transferred to the debt holders and then sold off to another tech co for pennies on the dollar. Stockholders got zilch.

    • DJ..not sure what your objective is here.
      Are you looking for this company to go BK?
      If yes, why?

      • 1 Reply to digilyst
      • my objective is to present some facts. between you and nj-inv giving glowing reviews and announcements of upticks at .048, i feel it my civic duty to pull back the curtain and spread some fact. it REALLY gets my dander up when people like nj-inv go to other boards touting such schlock in all caps and exclamation pts without conscience or repurcussion for people who actually but their hard earned money in this bs kind of stock.

        this is a company with zero revs, in biz since 1997, and is (according to their own q) about to run out of money.

        find me a chart with an uptick, pls.

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