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  • saturn22us saturn22us Dec 20, 2010 9:05 AM Flag

    Surprise: Senate Passes Food Safety Bill

    Sunday Surprise: Senate Passes Food Safety Bill
    by Dan Flynn Dec 20, 2010


    Christmas Comes Early for Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. (MMTC.OB)

    All of this plays perfectly for MIT, which offers an automated way for inspections to be completed quickly and on-site at a cost far below traditional approaches. It is estimated that revenues for such rapid testing methods have expanded at an annual rate of over 9% since 1998, and already exceed $5 billion annually, figures that could easily be surpassed when or if the Senate bill becomes law.

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    • only a buy between .005 and .0065

    • MMTC.OB: Micro Imaging Technology Inc. (MMTC)

      Super Clean Lab / R&D Company; Microbial Contamination;

      Development Stage Company Since November 2005;

      Development Stage Deficit: (14.350M)

      Micro Identification Technologies (OTCBB:MMTC) is located in San Clemente, California and over the last several years has been working on the development of a breakthrough, laser-based, rapid microbial identification technology.

      Micro Identification Technologies has developed a product that significantly reduces the identification time of microbial contamination at a very economical cost.

      Identification system currently identifies 23 Species of Bacteria and is capable of ID all species of bacteria, molds and fungi in minutes after culturing @ a cost of pennies;

      Several press releases mention Bacteria Wars / Homeland Security causes / effects; etc;

      CF,NTA,REV,EquityPaid In: , (20M)., (.12_46)/ Per Share

      Non-Cash Adj: (9)M, (0.06) /Share
      Minimum Market Cap : 1.0M, 0.006 / Share
      Expense as Cash Activity: 14M, 0.09 / Share

      Total Adj’s: +6M, +.04 / Share

      CF,NTA, Rev, Equity Further Adj to Development Stage Deficit: $$M (14), (0.09) Per Share.

      Development Stage Since Nov '05:,

      6. Development Stage Since ’05 Price:, (0.09)

      Minimum Market Cap:, 1M

      7:, 0.006, +0.094 , Theoretical Spread

      Price to Sched Amts @, 0.006

      8:, (0.06_8)

      Adjustments; ,

      10:, 6 $$M , Per Share:, 0.04

      11:. BidPriceTo:, 0.14

      12:Market Cap Over / Under Minimum per Bid @ .00522:, (0.12_58), (0.00) , Per Share: BidPriceTo, (6.71)

      13:, ,Share Price Drop MiLB, , 0.075, 0.0175 , Per Share &: %, (77%)

      14:, Equity:Common, Auth:500M Shares Auth. Per Avg Shares O/S 1.617, 0.01 $$M,Value, Bid PriceTo:, 0.5_23

      15:,Primary Co Metric, (258) ; Weighted Adjusted Price; (0.0041_73) ;Weighted Adjusted Trade Metric; (1.607_343)

      16:, ,Per Desired Spread : MMC Price & Weighted Price, ,+Trading @ Plus, 0.0101741 ,+Plus, 1.53_9

      [112.17 @ the Current Bid of.]:, 0.00522 ,Trading @ Discount to MMC, (0.00_077_8_2) ,-Minus, (12.967%)

      Do not own any shares @ present, Considering it; Follow the company and the Sector;

      Profile and Website:

      Approx 162M Shares O/S, with a Market Cap of 1M, and Adjustments total 6M / .04 / Share…..!!! Between 300 – 400K Share Volume Today;

      Last 5 Days: Ticked Down from .009 or (31.11%)

      2006:_58 Cents per Share;

      Company is located in the great State of California;

    • not very good news that's for sure. Always remember to do DD when making any investments

    • they have missed the mark on the proposed date for finishing this phase - that is why this pOS is under 1 penny.

    • Have not heard how close they are to finishing this final phase, I wonder what is the proposed date.

    • Plus= they have the hardware, software, laboratory procedures,and the certification of the outside labs.

      Minus- They are still at the final stages of getting the product built by a world-class manufacturer company, a company called OSI Systems (OSIS).

      While this technology has never been seen before, they must get pass this final phase if it ever is to see the light of day.

    • that pop you heard was the ball hitting the catcher's mitt: missed opportunity. they are play catch-up now. mgmt's plan was to be in production now. that would have been the home run. it worries me that they can get financing. like s--- might not work. that would mean - game over.

      luckily my last 100,000 were at .0044 (to balance out my .02s)

    • Very intersted to watch this all ply out and to see if MMTC can make a run for this one.

    • They have spent awhile trying to get this product into the stage of being a functioning machine capable off doing all the things they have promised, looks as if they are now looking at a great chance and if not careful they will miss it due to not being ready when called upon. Interesting to see it all play out, but regardless we must all do our homework before investing.

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