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    Note Now trades as MMTC.PK [OTC Q]

    Detailed Quote for Micro Imaging Technology Inc. (MMTC)
    $ 0.0044, (0.0002), (4.35%), Volume: 1.111M

    After Hours: $ 0.004, (0.0004), (9.09%), Volume: 473 k

    Market Cap: 940.7K, 214M Shares; Updated to Recent Report / Year End Reports;

    Bottom Line Summary @ .0044; Low (.0035), High .064

    Development Stage Since 2005 $$MM: $(15.206,931), Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric(s) per R&D Exp, (15.84) ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 40.404 ,Combined; Weight Adj Trade Metric, (106.15), for (6.584)M Market Cap, for (0.0308) on adjusted level price of 3.53 Cents;

    Net$$M Recent QTR Report Annualized: (1.4M)
    MinRetGrowth: 0.04
    MinRetInv: 0.04
    Weighted Cost of Capital: 2.940212
    Estimated Local Continuing Value in $$M: (0.1030)
    Estimated Factor NOT LOCAL in $$M: 29.567
    Estimated ContinuingValue Avg Annual R&D Since '05 $$MM: (3.044)M
    Est NOT LOCAL Desired Price on Fwd Value : 0.00622
    (0.014), Factor Forward.
    (0.44), Price To.
    (1.17%) , Desired Increase In Avg R&D From Most Recent Annual Report.
    +40.404%, (30.04%): Desired Spread Short Term.

    MMTC is a California-based public company that has developed, patented and now in production of a Rapid Microbial Identification (ID) System that revolutionizes the pathogenic bacteria ID process and can annually save thousands of lives and tens of millions of health care dollars.
    The MIT 1000 System can ID bacteria in minutes, not days, and at a significant per test cost savings when compared to any conventional method. It does not rely on chemical or biological agents, conventional processing, fluorescent tags, gas chromatography or DNA analysis.


    Do not own Shares; Follow the Company;

    2006:58 Cents; Nowhere close to that since;

    The Importance of the Newly Enacted Food Safety Bill for MIT and the Consumer.