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  • pauloo47474747 pauloo47474747 Jun 4, 2002 3:35 PM Flag


    Im no business major but i did buy this stock for the dividend yield. will they continue at the same lofty rate after the merger?? does anyone have a guess?

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    • pauloo: Have held for pretty much the same reason. Unfortunately no one knows what this company will look like after the merger. I would like to see the bonus dividend date announced; either just before or after I would plan on an exit. However at this moment in time I'am beginning to think the merger could fall through due to the delay. In which case you could see a 2 or 3 point jump in price. I don't think most investors bought here to own a coal company. Unless of coarse they are planning on some CBM wells??? Poor PR on behalf of Investor Relations. IMHO. Csense

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      • I'm still hanging around watching you folks squirm.

        Regarding the dividend...if you will go to the SEC filings and look at the documents on file there you will see a proposed proxy which contains a "pro forma" which shows what the dividend would have been last year if the merger had taken place in roughly mid-year. The answer to your question is at the bottom of page 24...but while you are there you really should read more of what is disclosed there!

        If you put in a little effort you might be more inclined to take seriously the answer to your query. I do not think you will be very happy with what you find.

        disclosure--out at $28.30 but not short.

        Good luck

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