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  • zorro6204 zorro6204 Mar 12, 2009 2:26 PM Flag


    I trust everyone is feeling better today? I averaged down so hard I'm damn near back to even on this puppy, and my first buy in October was at $21.85! That was my first MLP buy (I wised up quickly, my next buy was at $6.05 in December).

    I don't expect this to last overall, I'm of the belief this is purely a bear trap, including energy, which I expect to crash hard again, but I think we've seen the bottom here. It was an irrational move down, and eventually reality prevails to some extent, even in this dismal year.

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    • Is there any acceptable way to be in direct e-mail or other contact with a writer on a board? How would one transmit ones e-mail to an individual or agree to meet via internet elsewhere?

    • APL got hit with a couple things at the same time - oil had plunged (and some were saying $20 or $25 oil coming), they cut their distribution, and there are concerns over their debt covenants. And the market overshoots.

      Oil is up 9% today and while there have been mixed signals from OPEC members this week the consensus is for another supply cut....which should provide even more support for oil.

      Nice to see APL/AHD making up some lost ground....still a lot of work to do.

    • I have been in the market for over 30 years, and last week I had a "moment of clairity" and decided to start buying stocks again because I felt the bottom was near. After 30 years, you just get a gut feeling sometimes. . .when EVERYONE has bailed and gloom and doom takes over, then is the time to buy. I feel energy is always a good place to be, and oil will likely stay above the $43 range, even when the next selloff comes.

    • Dont count out fundamentals of nat gas/NGLS. US gasoline demand is increasing at 3% Y/Y and supply is low due to delayed maintenance. This uptick in nat gas demand is going to surprise a lot of people. As for NGLS propylene inventories are the lowest since July.

      My question is how the lower rig count going to effect system volumes but the higher prices should wash lower volumes.

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