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  • truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred Jan 14, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    Americans have gone from a CAN DO attitude to a IT CAN'T BE DONE attitude


    Is it any wonder this once great country filled with the "Let's gon on over one more mountain" spirit now is in the "when is my next government check coming?" attitude. We look at great companies all over the market and at their MB and see thousands of "No can do" attitudes. Yet some how many of those companies DO IT THEY SUCCEED IN SPITE OF THE LOW LIFE LOONIE opinions.
    Henry Ford was told by someone "We can't do that" Mr ford's reply was " I know that and you know that , now go find me someone who DOESNE'T KNOW IT CAN'T BE DONE". Thus, we got gravitational mass assembly production lines

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    • Yes, we have more people wanting the government to provide for them - and willing to sacrifice their liberties and freedoms in return.

      I don't believe a majority of the people even realize what they are voting for. The Republicans have had candidates unable to explain the value of liberty and freedom. Instead elections are on "small" things.

      As long as the conversation remaines "us vs. them", whomever promises the most free stuff to a majority will win. When the coversation returns to valuing liberty and freedom, all those small things become secondary - and people are more willing to give them up - or see them cut.

      You have to remember we are on our second generation that hasn't really faced a legitimate threat to their freedom from "foreign enemies". They have watched billions of people in the world achieving more personal freedoms and liberties - with little historical context to everything that went into those freedoms and liberties having been repressed in the first place. As a result, they are willing to trade small amounts of their liberties and freedoms for things like "Safety", "Security", "Fairness", etc etc. It is unfortunate, as history shows liberty and freedom - once lost - often take decades to be reclaimed. The power of government can repress your liberties and freedoms for longer than you will be alive.

      Ronald Reagan was the last politician able to convince the American people that their own government was holding them back - and that removing government from their lives and restoring their freedoms and liberties was the key to long term prosperity. Until we have another leader that can convince people - in a positive manner - that liberty and freedom should be their first concern - government power will continue to grow and our liberties will continue to be restrained.

      The additional challenge will be the huge debt and deficits that exist. They create a drag on our economy - that ironically - make it less likely for people to be willing to cut the cord of big government providing for them.

      There is undoubtedly a lot of work to be done (and undone). Unfortunately the crowd currently in DC is totally not up to the task.

    • I think you need to get some historical perspective. Early after the great depression began there was a surge in the communist movement in this country. Fortunately, FDR was a staunch anti-communist and I do recognize we may not be able to say the same about the person who presently is our US president. Huey Long, a populist on the far left fringe, was rising in the polls and appeared destined to either give FDR a run for his money in the upcoming 1936 democratic primaries before being assasinated in 1935.

      We will get past this and we will see a rebirth in America. There will come a time again when parents believe their children's futures are bright and that government is too big and spends too much and will provide the needed check and balance again.

      I am more convinced the spark will relate to our ability to become energy independent. It changes our politics radically. We need a republican who recognizes that we do not have to ever spill blood and spend treasure on the middle east beyond maintaining our agreement to protect Israel. In other words, a republican that recognizes we can significantly cut defense without hurting our defense because past priorities relating to oil can now end.

      This energy revolution will result in many new manufacturing jobs but they will not be mass factory kinds of jobs. But they will be jobs just the same. Today's technology and lower energy costs are reinvigorating the textile industry but you need a lot fewer people to run the textile plant of today.

      Chemicals, plastics, by-products of oil and natural gas, will create even more jobs and the ability to export all of these items will create even more export-related jobs.

      The seeds are being planted for this and we may have to go through four more years of liberal government nonsense before the people realize that Obama was nothing more than a "tin god"... lying about the purpose of health reform and causing health insurance costs to explode. Let's see if come NOV 2014 the republicans gain the senate because the health insurance price increases that will occur in 2013 and 2014 will show Obama and his HHS secretary Kathleen Sebilius were flat out liars with regard for the direction of healthcare insurance costs.

      I will remain an optimist since most if not all of the wealth I lost in 2008 has been restored by staying long and strong in the energy infrastructure trade.

      Good luck to all of us

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