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  • tridacna tridacna Oct 12, 1997 11:35 AM Flag

    Avoid this issue!

    Some people may be interested in PLL because of its acquisition of Gelman Sciences earlier this year and access to its Supor line of membranes. It's uncertain how well PLL will be able to capitalize upon its new found assets.

    However, from an operational standpoint, this company lacks effective management. There are lots of inefficiencies, most of which are based on its lack of strong organizational values and its lack of investment in its people. Alot of its showcase assets do not live up to its billings. SLS, for instance, is nowhere near as formible as portrayed.

    Note, also, that Pall's nylon patent is nearing expiration. If not for Gelman's Supor, it would really be a basket case.

    Anyone considering investing in this industry would do much better to consider Millipore instead. This company has a much stronger product line, and strong management to boot.

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    • Regarding stock buyback, if you look at the most recent 10-K filing, you will see that they are in the middle of a $150 M buyback initiated in October and about half complete. It has not been all that effective in propping up the stock.

    • The stock currently looks very cheap. Any word on a stock buyback?

    • Many of you have the misconception that this is the same company that Abe Krassnoff left in the early 1990s; it is not. It
      is really sad to see what Mr. Krasnoff's successors have done. The company is not positioned to come back to its past levels
      and it has to do with inferior upper management. In the past 5-6 years Pall has attempted to hire managerial talent from outside
      and have hired some very talented people. The problem is they don't stay. The reason is usually paranoid upper managers who are
      not able to foster a team environment and are jealous of other's success. I know of at least a half a dozen excellent managers
      who hired on with in the last 5-6 years from good outside companies and did well is their positions at Pall. None of these
      people a still at Pall- all either left in frustration or were mysteriously fired.

      As long as the current crop of upper managers are in power, the company will continue to flounder

    • I hope that your patience is not based on takeover rumors.

      What is management doing while you wait? It has shown its incompetence over several years. Visit this company to get a sense of its bureaucratic, numbing management. You'd lose all patience by the time you make it to the exit.

    • Actually Pall was recently a target of US Filter until their takeover of Memtec. Probably a smart move on USF's part.

    • Well if the buyout / takeover rumors are correct then there may be hope for some of us long time Pall stockholders to profit from this stock. But without it I still have my concerns. The fact that this stock still has not lived up to it's potential in an over valued market, may signal further long term potential for lose if the market corrects, as some predict.

      In my mind this stock is still, very much, "a roll of the dice"

    • Patience for PLL will pay-off. Is there any validity to the rumor of a takeover? Sit tight.

    • If you mean that this stock is still in a rut then I would agree. If not please explain because your comment is a mystery to me.

    • Well I think they're past couple of days preformance should be an indicator of what to be seen in the future.

    • Whats the possiblility of Pall getting pointed in the right direction?

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