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  • IATIA IATIA Feb 1, 1999 10:28 PM Flag

    When will it be the dawn of a new day?

    Hello out there to all you dismayed and disgusted
    shareholders and employees. As the stock market continues to
    soar, and good companies get even better, the Board of
    Directors of Pall Corp. seem content to see the stock and
    organization continue to languish in a dead-end mode led by
    the uncharasmatic and unqualified buffoons ---
    mssrs.Krasnoff and Hayward-Surry.

    Look at the
    "confidence" expressed in Pall's bright future --- a 3%
    dividend increase. New "blood" is needed to "filter out"
    the dead-wood and awaken this sleeping giant. Years
    of underperformance and embarrassment must come to
    an end. It is "high time" for changes in huge
    amounts to invigorate this once great

    Evidence of the lack of confidence by the investment
    community in the current Management is reflected in the
    growing stock prices of Pall's competitors. When the
    Nylon patent runs out, what has the high-priced and
    over-paid Research & Development group come up with to help
    propel the Company upward?

    It is time to refocus
    the business in the niche markets that offer the
    highest margins/profits and most promising growth
    prospects, rather than foolish acquisitions or pursuing
    low-end/margin opportunities. The strategy the last few years
    has not been working and was ill-conceived. In top
    companies, "if it ain't happening --- fix it!!!". For Pall,
    change the players on the team to create a more
    formidable, hungry, and powerful mix. The current cast of
    characters are a bunch of non-achieving wimps!

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    • I am not surprised - why don't these guys get
      real. I have a contact at Port Washington who tells me
      they still fly top bill to Europe while staff go
      economy. US loses bucks while the rest of hte world is
      going good.

    • IATIA, you da man...

      << It is time
      to refocus the business in the niche markets that
      offer the highest margins/profits and most promising
      growth prospects, >>

      like when the entire
      "bio-medical" field was being invented by Pall, and then as
      they took back control of distribution from J&J,
      Baxter and became a powerful sales machine on top of the
      innovative designer/manufacturers.

      << rather
      than foolish acquisitions or pursuing low-end/margin
      opportunities" >>

      like municipal water supplies
      (been there, done that, bad business) and dental water
      (huh ?).

      Clearly the past 5 years have not been
      for the better. Anybody with any experience with Pall
      in the '70s or '80s would have to agree that
      something is seriously wrong here. I'm not one to cast
      personal criticisms ("uncharismatic buffoons") but
      sometimes you have to start at the top and work your way
      down until you've solved the problems. Only problem,
      who has the interest to start there.

      again, this company comes to look more and more like
      dead money. Will the dividend pay-out be greater than
      the booked earnings ? Will cash-flow even be positive
      this quarter ?

      Not the type of questions I
      like to have to ask, but in Pall's case they are just
      too relevent.

      - DD

      • 1 Reply to DowDanny
      • DowDanny,

        Your messages are the only one's
        I find relevent to answer. But who can make the
        change? The BOD's are not in control, the shareholders
        are too indifferent. This company can not do it by
        itself. The problem runs too deep within the
        organization. "You live by the sword, you die by the sword."
        This is the only answer. This company needs to have
        done to it what they have been doing all along. It
        should be bought out. Maybe it should be Baxter.

        Keep in mind that the healthcare industry is driven by
        the need to drive down costs. It's a hard place to
        justify high margin. High margin means either low cost or
        high price, you know that. Pall cannot do the former,
        and doesn't have the market insight to do the latter.
        I had said before, this company has driven away the
        innovators. Those folks were the ones smart enough to see
        this company is a losing cause. The effort needed for
        Pall to get into the consumer market in drinking water
        filtration would require an outside firm to handle. They
        just don't have it. The municipal water supply will
        take care of itself with the products they already
        offer. They need something new that can make Pall become
        a household name. Who the hell has ever heard of
        Pall outside the business community? How much bigger
        can the market get than every household in the world?
        Think about it. Maybe a bad example, but Bill Gates had
        the right idea. Maybe he should buy Pall.

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