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  • stock123win stock123win Apr 10, 2002 6:37 PM Flag

    Global advantage

    German corporations usually are very strong and last very long. For example, Bayer, Mercedes Benz, and Allianz. SAP is a global corporation. It has good customer base all over the world. So, it is a stable and safe stock. It has unique product. Nobody can replace it completedly. SEBL can only do a small piece of its function. Other competitors still cannot have a complete product to beat down SAP. It is a good investment in SAP for now and future as well. Not speculation !
    Strong Buy !

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    • O.K. Golden you have laid out the facts quite nicely . . .

      Now explain how these knives only cut one way?

      These are indeed the additional risks associated with holding foreign securities; a long or short position, even a derivative.

      So why do you think that these risks have more gravity to a short seller?

      Read sap_pete's take on this thread closely before you respond . . .


    • SAP is the dominant Corporate Applications Software provider in the world bar none.

    • Your only friend is your computer. Make love to it.

    • IBM is bigger and better than SAP and witha PE ratio less than 24, PS less than 2.

      What happend to IBM, revenue droped, earning droped even more, so does the share price.

      tell me what make SAP worth more per share of earning or revenue than IBM.

      You need to realize that SAP is valued as a strong growth stock (30%+ revenue growth per year for next several years) in a industry that is maturing (10% or less growth per year).

      Will that 30% revenue growth materialize?
      You decide.

      The only reason it has not followed PSFT, ORCL, SEBL in the plunge, is because MM and the big boys hasn't have a chance to unload their share yet. Partially because there is no one for them to sell to at current price.

      Unload this POS before the big boy drop their ball.

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      • IBM is a very big hardware and software corporation. It cannot compare to SAP which is only a software company. IBM is an American Blue Chip Stock and SAP is a German Blue Chip Stock. The way they do business and the way the shareholders deal with the stock is different. Currently, SAP still has a unique software in the market and its sales revenue are increasing every year. IBM has been very successful during the old day and it has become very big. There are many reasons why IBM is not as successful as before. Anyway, it is too big. It has a lot of money and opportunities. So, don't worry. IBM stock will continue to be a famous American Blue Chip stock. Once they have better people and products, IBM earnings will be better. IBM continues to expand its business investment and development in the world. The result of its expansion will show in a near future. There are many stocks better than SAP stock. However, if you like to invest in a unique SAP product, then you should buy SAP now at this bottomline price of the value of the company. It is a German Blue Chip stock which has more stable market. SAP sales revenue is increasing every year.

      • Evevn better advice......SHORT

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