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  • turn_your_head_and_cough_again turn_your_head_and_cough_again Jul 11, 2003 11:08 AM Flag

    Legitimate question (no insults):

    The angry posters on this board do not have one of the marquee accounts that generate about 75% of SAP's license revenue. If they did they would never jeopardize their position by getting caught on this board.

    A little known fact about SAP is the reps either get one of these goldmine accounts and make quota year after year - or they are given a pile of shit for their territory and shown the door after they don't make quota the first year. (Unless they are protected by their manager/friend) I forget the exact number, but it's something like 75% of SAP reps sold NOTHING last year.

    You have to be a good rep to get hired by SAP (without exception, the AE's have stellar backgrounds), but to stay on you have to be LUCKY or connected.

    This environment breads jealousy and bitterness towards you employer like no other. Every year they try to fix it and every year they fail. But that doesn�t mean they don�t make good software!

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    • Thanks for an intelligent reply, and your insight. I think I'm understanding a little more about the working environment, though I'm not 100% convinced.

      Another question: Is this alleged mindset of higher ups the direct result of obvioulsy considerable German influence?

      I promise that my goal here was not to stir up trouble or be a pain in the ass - I just wanted to get a better understanding of the inner working of the co. On the other hand, if someone comes at me with a full arsenal of insults, you can damn well bet I'll reply in kind. Must be one of my many masculine qualities coming out.

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      • turn_your_head_and_cough_again turn_your_head_and_cough_again Jul 11, 2003 11:51 AM Flag

        "Is this alleged mindset of higher ups the direct result of obvioulsy considerable German influence? "

        you can't do anything meaningful w/o Germany on board.

      • Big Hairy Man-
        SAP does not participate in account or territory balancing the way nearly every other sales organization does. I have worked for most of the Big 4 - where software is used to balance accounts and territories for equality.

        This does breed jealousy and resentment. In most companies, CRM is used to route incoming leads on an equal basis. At SAP, managers are left to dole accounts as they wish. One manager gave 3 leads in a row to his best friend, whom he had hired. Another person hired the same month, received none. Smart? No.

        Although all reps have $5M quotas, some reps have 5 Fortune 100 companies while another rep might have 8 companies all under the $500M mark. This is not a balanced territory plan nor does it breed success.

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