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  • jus_lite_reading jus_lite_reading Mar 26, 2009 7:19 AM Flag

    CEO resigning in May, SAP stuck in the mud

    and about 20 other reasons SAP is nothing more than a sap in the industry. Say good bye to $30's and hello teens. Do you own DD!

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    • Try RETIRING, fool. The new CEO, Leo Apotheker, has been with SAP for years. He and Kagermann have been acting as "Co-CEO" for months. A remarkable smooth transition, as planned long ago.

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      • The Sudden Demise of Leo Apothker
        A Fictional Historic Novel of Conspiracy (all names and places are changed to protect the guilty.
        ( In the Genre of Fictional Historic Novels by William F. Buckley, Jr.) If I had friends, they would call me “The Little Black Duck”, or “Blackie”, I have no friends. I have no category of friend for someone who threatens me. Blackie will narrate this fictional historic novel. All the names have been changed to protect the guilty. A small group of women employed by PAS, convince themselves that they are acting in the moral and political interest of PAS. They would act when policy is broken, or when it is perceived that policy had failed. Like the Geheime Staatspolizei, this group has a Goring, Christy Pecker; it has a Tokio Rose, Eileen Joule; it has an Eva Braun, Ynesita Packe; and a Himmler, Sabine Caltenfitz. These self appointed and self righteous vigilantes went to drive out all Early Retirement Window retirees who came back as contractors; “do not hire these people back as C numbers, the memo read.” With a clever conspiracy, these gestapoettes, have Tokio Rose aka Eileen Joule file a Human Resources complaint against Jorge Gee. Jorge Gee was an early retirement window employee who had come back to PAS as a contractor, from an I number to a C number. This enraged this group, policy is broken, policy has failed, and they had to act. Eva Braun aka Ynesita Packe turned over an email from Jorge Gee over to Goring aka Christy Pecker. Jorge Gee was summarily marched out of QSN, as Christy Pecker said, “Happy Retirement!” Management was quick to understand how valuable a subversive group like this could be to solve other untidy problems. No surprise when on a Sunday afternoon, Leo Apothker met his sudden demise from this band of Shakespearian witches, just another quick human resource complaint, and all is set right again. Gasso, is this your “Happy Company” . Stay tuned, they will act again, when they think policy is broken or when they perceive that policy has failed.

      • Really? From the look of things, SAP is doing major spring cleaning- cost cutting in every area, layoffs, and then the CEO retires!

        SAP glory days are over.

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