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  • raymondmilner raymondmilner Apr 11, 1999 8:04 AM Flag



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    • <EOM>

    • Maybe they took my advice back on post 1786 where
      we bottomed out at close to 23. There was all gloom
      and doom back then. I would like to see SAP recover
      some yet this year. I also purchased at 54. However I
      think the large run up will begin in the first quarter
      of next year. So maybe 35 to 40 this year and 70 -
      80 sometime next year. So all you shorts out there
      take smookong advice and tell us at what price you are
      going to lose your money.

    • Guys, Most of the talk on this newgroup is pretty
      we may as well close this group instead of cursing
      each other.

      (1) SAP is definately not a
      takeover target.

      (2) It has been very painful for
      the longs on SAP, I bought
      shares at 54$, so I
      know the pain. I am an SAP user and
      since 1995, got too enamoured by the Software,
      bought lot of stock. I am hoping that it will come
      to 45$ or so by the year end.

      (3) SAP is a
      pretty good software, most newbies learning ABAP
      overnight, do not understand the power of scalability
      integration, hence routinely critisize the software. One
      ignorant person was saying that SAP did a IPO in September
      in NYSE and wanted to short 1000 shares. Such people
      have probably learnt Visual Basic in night school, and
      are the reason why other SAP users and consultants
      get a bad name.

      (4) SAP has Saphire at NICE
      France, and some other things like SAPTECH,
      where they
      will talk about BW, Optimization module, and
      to Business Information Exchange, all of which will
      be growth areas. I think special modules like OIL,
      Health Care Industry, Automotive, etc. will also be
      niche growth areas.

      (5) Their HR has been
      improving cosiderably, and they hope to
      sell HR to all
      their old fortune 500 customers.

      SAP still has
      an impressive 25% growth rate in front of it
      the next few years.

      I guess, we have to be

      Look at where BAAN, Peoplesoft, Manugistics are, I
      think SAP
      has the best chance of making a recovery.

    • I was looking at your posts, didn't make any
      sense to me. But you certainly is a pervert bastard. So
      just stay out of this board if you don't have any
      constuctive to contribute. Fist of all I don't know why you
      even bother to check on this board. This board is for
      SAP investors.

      If I find you again with your
      abusive language, I will make sure you don't get back

    • You sound like a very religious person. I am sure
      your mother is very proud of the way in which you
      represent her religion to the rest of the world. Be sure to
      translate to her verbatim, what you said about the Shiva
      Linga. Then beg for her forgiveness.

    • Optisystems (OPTLF) which is a company that makes SAP application products? Any information is greatly appreciated.

    • stock.

    • Does SAP worth this much

    • Great earnings news for SAP, right? But is says net profit is down.... What gives?

      P.S. Thank God I'm not one of the many shorts who is getting dry-shiva'd today...

    • "...I think it's been the longs that have been using up all the lubricant. "

      We have used up all the lubricant, so there's none left for shorties ! <g>


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