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  • are_you_awake are_you_awake Oct 13, 1999 7:45 AM Flag

    Customers are not delaying SAP Purchase

    They are shying away from this over-priced,
    complicated, ridgid, and difficult-to-implement system. Take
    it from a user who's been there! We wasted over $3.5
    million. I suppose pharmaceuticals can afford it. That's
    why SAP targets them!

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    • SAP???


    • Not in my opinion, so I must be with the smart guys at microsoft.

      When's SAP gonna take off!!??? I anticipate Q1 next year... but heck that's a long wait!

    • SAP_Pete,

      Just as you haven't used Oracle
      Apps, I haven't used SAP products. However, I am an
      end-user on Oracle Finanicals Apps and I can tell you that
      my company loves them! My company is a mid-cap
      utilizing Oracle Apps on an NT box. Completely stable and
      Web enabled for remote locations utilizing Citrix.
      The Oracle Finanical Reporting capabilites are

      The only problem my company has with
      Oracle Apps is that they originally did not purchase
      more. We're now looking at purchasing additional
      functionality modules from Oracle (i.e. HR, Payroll, CRM,

      As far as local SAP installations, I'm only aware of
      a few at large manufacturing companies. However,
      from Oracle User Group meetings, I can tell you that
      there are many Oracle Apps installations locally and
      the number of mid-cap intallations (such as mine) is
      growing...judging by the new faces and companies represented at the
      User Group meetings.


    • that not anyone on this board believes that he can influcene stock prices through posting of some messages. if so that would be then the last time from "juergenpeter" on this board.

    • on this board, besides me, that ERP is dead. Why
      should actually msft enter a "dead" market. i always
      thought intelligent people are working at msft. They
      should concentrate to improve their excel and word.

    • It is only a matter of time before Microsoft
      enters the ERP Market. The history of this company has
      been to take innovations developed by other companies
      and incorporate them into their own product line.

      Lotus vs. Excel , Word Perfect Vs. Word , Netscape
      Navigator vs. Explorer

      Microsoft has been the
      winner. ERP is next.

    • I haven't noticed any SAP employees being
      anonymous. I sometimes wonder about the backgroud of those
      posting rumor and innuendo against SAP, but everyone is
      entitled to an opinion. It is nice if they tell the truth
      rather than making up stories.

      You should rethink
      your opinion on influencing stock price. I am a long
      term accumulator of SAP. It is actually in my personal
      interest for SAP to be undervalued since I invest a fixed
      amount each month and can get more shares when the price
      is low. In the long term, the value will shine

      I just don't like to see lies go unchallenged.

    • People coming to this board should expect to read
      both good and bad things about SAP.

      Some of
      these unsuspecting souls may not realize that many of
      the pro-SAP comments are coming from anonymous SAP
      employees who may not be lying, but are certainly trying to
      influence the stock price (right, Sues PC?).

      a forum for SAP and its employees to voice their

    • Intelligent Enterprise Magazine Readers' Choice

      "Oracle was the first software company to
      make an absolute commitment to the Internet, and
      clearly that investment has paid off

    • An alliance under which both IBM & Siebel will
      conduct joint development, sales, and marketing efforts.

      A stock to watch. 52-week range 20 1/2 - 110. An
      established CRM internet software provider with customers
      like Microsoft.

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