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  • warning_danger warning_danger Dec 16, 1999 6:58 PM Flag

    Rumors! Rumors! Rumors!

    Thats all I said it was. I didn't verify amything
    yet. I am checking into it. I keep receiving emails
    about it. When I called the company they said they were
    about to unveil a bombshell on SAP. I asked what it was
    , but they said it would be released in a press
    release not too long from now. This confirms Roland's
    post on the TEKC board.
    I don't remember who called
    me an ass, but if I saw them , I would take their
    foot, shine it up real nice AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP
    THEIR CANDYASS!!!!!!!!!!! ( sorry finance111, had to
    steal one of your lines form the TEKC board, love that
    WWF humor)

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    • "
      You know what you and SAP can do with those
      lawyers after they lose the lawsuit?.......
      YOU CAN
      STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDYASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What is wrong with you ? Get some counselling !

    • I have personally spoken to TEKC management (at
      annual meetings) and they are quite confident it the
      validity of their patents. Two years ago they were able to
      convince Trilogy Development (parent co. of PCOR) that
      licensing of one of those patents was worth $1.4 million.
      Between the years of 1981 and 1992 TEKC lost $80 million,
      but during that period they obtained 8 software
      patents that were way ahead of their time. TEKC
      management is going to make SAP the test case on 2 of them.
      After that they have other infringers to go after.

      • 2 Replies to IBDPT
      • ... makes me think that this is yet another
        vulture-style company that tries to feed on already successful
        companies by using some dubious patents registered in the
        US. Then again, I have to admit that I have no idea
        about these 'software patents' TEKC has and I'm no
        lawyer either (thanks God).
        So can someone explain
        what exactly is this patent about and why would this
        be good 'to go after infringers'? The only thing I
        heard that these patents are about some kind of an
        'executive management software system' (this is probably
        incorrent but something along these lines). This sounds to
        me like if someone would register a patent for
        'computer' or 'car' or 'game software' and then go after
        companies who build any kind of a computer or a car or
        program a computer game. Business software systems were
        on the market for a very long time, why can some
        company register a patent that covers such a thing? And
        why did they wait until now to announce their intent
        to try to get money out of other companies? Is this
        not frivolous to do (even if they are right about
        these patents)?
        You can see, I don't know anything
        about these questions so someone with insight please


      • I suggest all you TEKC hypers (maybe just one
        person with multiple IDs) buy lots more TEKC shares, and
        get rich quick.
        Why you have to post this HERE
        again and AGAIN, I don't know. If it is to convince
        more people to buy TEKC and drive up the price, maybe
        you can explain first why this incredible company
        with it's incredible patents and incredible money
        coming trades at a 52 week low, with a volume of just
        14000 shares or $50K per day ?

        Oh, you can't
        explain ? I thought so.


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