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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jan 27, 2003 10:31 AM Flag

    The real picture...

    The major players are using this "war" thing to drive the market down and try to get the Bush administration in the crapper over the economy. If this were the Clinton administration this would be a justified holy war that we should all rally behind. Can anyone say Kosovo (spell ??). This country is so political it is sickening.

    The real worry is who else might be drawn into any conflict we may enter. The Russians will not do anything and the Chinese can't get there, so what is the big deal?

    What are they going to do? Fly some more passenger jets into tall buildings or set some oil on fire?

    I am looking hard for the real danger here and I just can't see it. I am open if someone wants to enlighten me on the real danger we will face in this matter that we don't already face day in and day out.


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    • Again, your knowledge of what happend in Afganistan is embarrassing. Russia lost because of a sustained US campain supporting the Afganistans in terms of intelligence, equipment, food, and money. As a matter of fact Bin Boy was our Lt. during that war. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons Bin Boy is so pissed at us is that after we supported him and Afganistan to beat the Russians, after the nation was totally devistated, the US just left. Do you enjoy making an idiot of yourself?? Also, do you enjoy insulting those who spent careers in the military as well?

      What is your problem??

    • you need to read the paper more. You're making a fool of yourself.

    • When the attack starts (notice when, not if) we will face the same dangers we face now with one major exception -- The terrorists will have greater motivation and emotional resolve to hurt us. That's the danger

    • "Next time, try to express some intelligence."
      Proving once again you can't argue with a sick mind.
      If you think we're gonna air bomb Bagdad killing millions of civilians you better think again. These are cities not caves.
      As far as the "Great Russian Army" in Afganistan ... they we're beaten by OUR weapons. When those weapons stopped coming they we're no match to anyone.
      Looks like your country is ready for you now Goober. War within 30 days .. so I guess you'll be enlisting today? NO? Imagine.
      BTW .. no one talks about the casualties on the IRAQ side of the war either ... many have put it in the 250,000 range. That's fighting in the desert. How many in cities? Do you really think killing a million Arab civilians is really in our best interest right now?
      And you never did answer my original question did you? If Iraq is not a threat then why go there at all? Sorry to interupt your drums with a little logic.

    • the fact that we still havent located/killed Al quedas top tier makes me realize even overrunning Iraq hardly guarantees that Hussein and sons are eliminated.

      The war should be going on right now with cover action/targeted assas. in many countries that shelter these individuals. Just do the damn job and turn off the damn TV

    • You have to keep things in prospective. The DOW & the NAS are both down around 10% or more in that time frame. RFMD has a normal BETA of 300% and so this is not really out of line, especially given the earnings guidance et al during this period.
      The time to buy is when and hold is when you and everyone else around you is panicking and thinking this is the end of everything.
      I have done that and expect to be richly rewarded by end of this week or next.

    • If my country needs me I stand ready. It has always been the volunteers that fight the real wars. Not these career, get some money for college people.
      You still don't get it though. How many causualties did we have in 1991? You don't know do you? It is funny we know we lost 50,000 + in Vietnam but no one talks about our causalties in Irag or Kosovo. Because they were so miniscual. Just as they will be this time. We won't even have to put anyone on the ground to handle this little problem.

      BTW how bad was it when we took out Afganistan? Lets not forget the great Russian army went home with its ass kick. Yet we go in and obliterate with little to no loss of life or equipement.

      Next time, try to express some intelligence.

    • If life could only be so simple. Iraq will look to envolve the entire region from day one. Look for more missle stikes on Israel and IF he really has the weapons we say he has expect him to use them. Just remember how simple this was when you see our Men & Women being picked off from sniper fire from civilians. Remember how easy this was if other members of the middle east decide what a great time it would be to invade Israel. Remember how easy this was going to be when we're still there two years from now. And most of all remember how smart we were when the new leader of Iraq turns out to be a radical fundamentalist Muslum that hates America.
      Will this all happen? Some of it will, some most likely won't. But don't think the walk to Bagdad will be a stroll in the park. And also remember this simple little mission will probably kill 100's of thousands of Iraq citizens. This is a sad time for the world.

    • You hit the nail right on the head..good post

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