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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jan 27, 2003 11:42 AM Flag

    The real picture...

    Can you get anymore pathetic?!

    Like he has anything to use against Israel. How is he going to deliver it? He has no planes and we have all seen the reliability of the super-duper-dreaded scud missle.

    The only reason Israel hasn't handled this themselves is because they would have to kick ass on the whole Arab world and we are trying to keep some order over there.

    What a bleeding heart liberal you are. You think the liberty and freedom you enjoy day in and day out came at the price of a stick of candy?

    What you need it to shut up and let the MEN of this world handle the bad guys because it is obvious you don't have the back bone for it.

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    • Gee .. what a convincing argument. So tell me REAL MAN .. when will you be shipping out? NO? .. you mean your gonna let a bunch of 18-20 year olds do your job?
      Explain one thing .. if Iraq is such a non threat then why are we going there in the first place? Explain that REAL MAN.
      And I'll never stop speaking my mind thank you. I believe that's what we AMERICAN's do. What's pathetic is the retoric of blood or nothing and with us or without us. Our liberty and freedom came from fighting REAL WARS against REAL ENIMIES not "Wag The Dog' wars! Bush is counting on you to keep intellengent people down .. won't happen here Goober.