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  • portfolio_hawk portfolio_hawk Jul 18, 2005 10:16 PM Flag

    Matt Cooper Gate..That fat ass sneak

    should be investigated for being the sneaky little bastard he is

    He describes a 2 year old waver from Karl Rove saying he could name his source as a stunning new development??

    Man that guy need to get with the program

    What's stunning is how obvious the democrats are at pretending to be outraged

    And Cooper pretending to protect his source then writing about his grand jury testimony is a joke

    Come on folks..

    The only one who thought Valerie Plame was undercover was her husband

    Hey maybe she told him she was on a secret mission when she stayed out a little too long with the girls

    Even one of her bosses said she wasn't undercover and her status doesn't apply to the law

    Yet the democrats and the liberal press are trying to turn it into a scandal

    The scandal is how the liberal press is acting


    With Fox News and bloggers and Limbaugh and Hannity and of course the truth..

    The democrats can't railroad Bush like they did Nixon


    It won't work folks

    The democrats need to figure out a way to win elections instead of constantly whining




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