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  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 2, 2009 6:43 PM Flag

    Next stop 3.50?

    Any bets on the next stop for RFMD? I think the SEC is going to be sniffing around on this one!

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    • These kinda crooks hardly ever get caught, only until recently did any of the white collar criminal get caught. im pretty sure there is not much more manipulation in this stock, but i do think the value goes below 3.50 before it skyrockets back to good levels, to explain this; December is known as a very good quarter for small electronics, RFMD has also just recently anounced a type of HDTV module that is the best on the market, couple that with samsungs recent report of 20 trillion in revenue from phones and TVs(RFMD supplies parts to samsung), add in the fact that RFMD is currently working with Verizon on perfecting the 4G LTE systems, plus Motorola and Verizon have just anounced it's new droid phone that has over 13thousand apps a 3.7 screen for it's apps including it's talking voice recognizing gps navigator, and a slide out keybaord. but yes it's going to go to 3.50 i think but I don't really care I am purchasing as much as i can because RFMD is doing much more than I just listed above. Motorola may also be a good investment into technology

    • My window is wider than most, as a strategy. In that context, I have no idea where it's going. I'm trying to read the day-to-day and get a feel for it but, so far, I'm having to stick with my 50/50 risk/reward assessment and 50/50 is a sucker bet. The biggest variable I see is in what the overall market will do. We could get a sucker run any day or it could go down. In the bigger picture, this is the end of a sucker run, which gives me cause for pause. So far, I am on the right side of my last trade. I wouldn't want to get back on the wrong side of an RFMD trade again. I came out on top nicely on the last one but only after walking on brimstone. That's no fun at all.