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  • bigbear151 bigbear151 Nov 18, 2009 4:56 PM Flag

    Question For dbr_x6

    Can you explain the advantages of GaN over GaAs and LDMOS?

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    • If you want to gain some insight with regard to company product and design, listen in on the next CC. Nothing more than a mouse click these days.

      However I believe that the GaN HFETs have better electrical characteristics at higher frequencies when compared to GaAs and LDMOS. This would eliminate the need for additional compensating, boosting or correcting circuitry. This also translates to a smaller footprint on the circuit board, which translates to an "X" amount of cost savings per unit. This in turn translates to improved "Y" profitability per unit since GaN HFET allows RFMD to eliminate the components (resistors, capacitors, etc.) that went with that additional circuitry.

      Circuit board real estate is everything when talking about cell phones and the additional space could then be used for more memory, HDD storage or for larger cpu's with more processing power. Video phone! Apple, NOK and others are all racing to build better, faster, cheaper phones that will have built in apps for Sirius radio, ESPN sports, Navigation, as well as your favorite trading software. Yes much of this is available now, but it's not hit the affordability sweet spot for the masses.

      The GaN material itself is an extremely durable material (more so than GaAs and LDMOS) which is better suited for harsh environments and environments with extreme temperatures such as outer space and deserts. Additional markets can be explored or improved in the areas of satelites, areospace, radar, and military communication systems.

      Hence the excitement of GaN...

      Course I could be all wet as this is only an educated swag. With regard to this rfmd, I bought the chart when it went into a tailspin down to the low $4's. Had been watching it for awhile and had been waiting for a nice correction to get in.

    • Hey, I'm a money guy. Monrio may have some info but really I've seen very few substantive posts about anything to do with RFMD R&D.

      Just the usual regurgitation of PR, with no real insights to how the usual spew of RFMD PR means anything to future growth.

      Longer term, I think this entire industry will be pushed to higher margin products as SOC eats up the lower power applications.

      I also think that this sector needs to consolidate desperately. At least get rid of one of them, if not two. TQNT should really use their current product strength to merge, and RFMD is pushing a pretty lame product lineup so also needs to find a partner with better products. ANAD is another me-too player.

      You want to really dig into the technology, then also look at whether PRKR is viable, or just hype. I think the jury is still out on that.