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  • boar292hog boar292hog Dec 4, 2009 7:09 PM Flag

    Someone asked who could/would buy RFMD...

    Well, one of its two top competitotrs, BRCM, doubt SWKS could swing it but you never know.
    Also, any chip maker looking to use RFMD technology for peripheral applications/industries. Really, any chip maker wanting a presence in this nitch.
    Just a few ideas...but I think SWKS is looking at itself in the mirror and thinking wow, I look awful skinny compared to BRCM....

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    • Frankly, my dear, this board has been selling RFMD for at least the past eleven years and hasn't closed the deal yet. for sure, SWKS is tired of being pushed around by vendors and RFMD management is aging out. A non-cash stock merger might take out some competition between them and lift all ships. It could happen but if you factor that into your trading strategy, you are a dreamer, not a trader.

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      • Blue thanks for the input, not a dear or a deer but thats okay too. I am an opportunist buyer/seller. I don't day trade, I rarely hop on momentum trades though the GLD and SLV caught my attention for some fun, I mean if people are going to throw money at the market, why not hold your hands out and take some! Felt like the dotcom era almost! Every once inawhile a low priced ( dollar amount ) stock like this rises to the surface and warrants some attention!
        I had luck w/ CHK several years back when it was in the 2.00 range and a few others. I have also lossed my share over the years.
        Here is how I see RFMD, as the saying goes, the sun don't shine on the same dogs ass everyday. 11 years? Not relevant. What matters is now. The data looks good, no, not good, very strong when one considers Asias growth potential and this COs position to ride that growth. Retiring debt EARLY is no small feat, especially in todays economy. Revising cash flow upwards, well, lets face it, this is a VERY GOOD sign though not a guarantee and of course, Asia could implode! So approaching w/caution is wise.
        One more thing I have learned in my fewer years than you in this arena, loving or hating a stock is wrong, it leads to bad decisions.
        I like the numbers here on this company and a buyout is not out of the question nor is it anything more than speculation! However, even you have to admit that in this environment for RFMD to have turned the corner like this places it on alot more radars than just the vultures of even 6 months ago! Making money is never a bad thing!

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