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  • boar292hog boar292hog Feb 16, 2010 9:42 PM Flag

    Speculation-who would benefit by owning RFMD?

    Okay all the players seem to be lining up, Soros the most recent I am aware of. This smartphone rage that is upon us is going to last for awhile. First not everyone will update immediately and secondly, technology will improve as always. Would SWKS benefit? Would they have more to throw at BRCM? Now even Qualcom is getting into the act and what was that? Google and Microsoft want a piece of the IPHONE market? We aren't even talking outside US borders yet!
    Maybe Samsung or Nokia want to be more vertically integrated/self reliant with their supply line. Or maybe someone wants to make inroads into Samsung or Nokia through say, an RFMD, I don't know.
    Lets face it miniaturization is a large part of the equation here. Both component wise and finsihed product. This smartphone rage will lead to even more convergence between other tools such as laptops/desktops, television, satelite radio, gps OOPS, thats what this rage is almost all about anyways! But there is a long ways to go on that one.
    I think RFMD gets taken out.

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    • I will benefit.Seen this movie many times.The manipulation is clear the players are clear.The players are setting this up.RFMD in the best position in years and the smart dudes know this.One day real soon in the early morning the news will come.

    • DrainCo will go back to doing what they are best at: Draining...! Insiders of DrainCo don't need the average share holder, all they need is free shares to dump at any price...!

      Jerry and his cronies need to be replaced, and until that happens, don't expect anything from DrainCo...!

      If you own it, do as you wish...! They will find more chips while sweeping the floor...!

    • The company who has its pinkies in many consumer end markets including wireless, as well as infrastructure telcom markets is Broadcom. They're the ones who would make the most of Rfmd.

      They have a history of growing through acquisitions, but also have shown the ability to move successfully into markets dominated by incumbents. Brcm makes the most sense to me, both from the synergies offered by CPG, but also the wide open markets MPG still has to capture.