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  • rickarooski rickarooski Mar 3, 2010 3:25 PM Flag

    Hey board. Wanna see all HELL break lose!!!

    Watch in the next 2 days if Form 4's pop up at 4.70!!!!!!!

    RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!! The street will NOT tollerate THAT.If that IS the case, we're back to 4.15 and the action yesterday afternoon was short positions established in advance. I will personally run/walk/boat/fly to the SEC for action!!!

    I'm sometimes FOS but I really hope I'm FOS on this one!!!


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    • Hey Rooski...not to be the board spelling police but "loose" and "lose" are on my pet peeve list.

      I gave this example to my sales team many years ago after tiring of them writing in their weekly reports about 'loosing business to the competition'.... so....."loose" is what your ex-girlfriend is. "lose" is what happens to your wife when she finds you with the ex-girlfriend.

      Like it, learn it, live it :)

      Have a great weekend all ! I see a good start to the week with the RJ conference coming up Tuesday and then this cowboy is likely selling and watching from the sidelines for a few weeks.

    • Rick, sit down for a minute. One of the biggest criticisms of Wall St during this recent meltdown was the high payouts WStreet Execs got w/out any skin in the game so to speak. Thus, Wall St is now tying more of their execs/officers compensation to longterm performance//or performance in general.
      RFMD seems structured to pay its officers/execs a rather large portion of their compensation from their stock! Meaning of course, the better the company does, the better the stock does and thus the better their compensation is. Does it matter to you or anyone if it is once a year that they exercise their stock options or quarterly, or even monthly if in fact the stock has gone up?
      Lets put this into perspective. Take a look at what the boys and girls over at SWKS make on comp alone each year. It dwarfs what the RFMD boys and girls make. Your whipping boy Neal makes less than half what any of SWKS key officers make.
      I m very happy to see these guys paid better when the company they DIRECT, does better. I can think of no better incentive. Seriously, take a look at what RFMDs counterparts make at any of their direct competitors or for that matter, almost any tech company in the chip business of equal or greater size.
      This structure works better for us than anyother I can think of. Maybe others should adopt RFMDs compensation structure! Not to pick on you or anyone, just to point out that I can't think of any better way to insure that Corporate execs at RFMD have some serious skin in the game.

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      • Agreed that stock options/RSU's can be a good way to compensate executives - HOWEVER, what many of us preach on here is that RFMD gives them the options for FREE...meaning no strike price. That's why Jerry Neal sells them whenever he needs to make a payment on the 911 Turbo or whatever he is blowing it on.

        I'd like to see them adopt a policy of strike prices at the date of grant, therefore truly incenting the exec team to push the stock price higher. That's the right way to do it.

    • Yup, it'll be welcome to the 3's all over again. This company is like Groundhog Day, SSDD, over and over and over.

      "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon..."
      - Rick in Casablanca

    • SWKS beat RFMD to the punch on this one. Check it out.

    • Would be shocked to see that, otherwise the other 2 idiots would have held off a couple more weeks to sell. Talk about insiders selling, go look at JDSU over the past couple of months. Stock continues to rocket.