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  • elducementor elducementor Mar 12, 2010 7:07 PM Flag

    should be north of $10

    based on many factors without having to use outlandish forward assumptions either. If it doesnt get there and get there soon, then forces outside of this world must be at play. For the shorts, you must be crazy, or just plain stupid.

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    • what the hell have you been smoking?

    • great looks like someone is keeping a lid on this thing so shorts can unwind. It takes awhile to unwind 20 shares short....too bad we can't SQUEEZE these guys!

    • Seriously looks like the market maker is friends w/the shorts and is holding this thing in place. Or, someone is wanting to buy this thing and can not have it go to say 7 or 8 because them it would have tom up bid on an offer where as today, wearing down shareholders so they would respond with relief with a 7 or 8 offer on this CAN'T get unstuck stock price.
      I mean wellington is holding a chunk of this stock for someone, they don't invest for themselves.
      Another thing, RFMD management is doing everything right for a company trying to regain its track and move forward which is also a way of clearing the path for a buyout.
      Then again, it might be some foreign company trying to slow down the competition, RFMD.
      I still think this company gets taken out and broken up because gov't contracts can not be sold to foregin interests in this case....or at least I think this would be the case right now.

    • you are dreaming. what factors ?