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  • veqasfletch2001 veqasfletch2001 Mar 13, 2010 1:29 PM Flag

    Politics behind the price war

    18 analysts are following RFMD. There are more independents ones. There is some interest to follow RFMD since it is tied to money. It seems that analyst job is to clear complexities of investments for investors. That is true partially since they need to be paid for jobs. However, most analysts follow RFMD to protect their clients and make money for them even if they reverse the truth. Therefore, two categories of analysts, one group who are see RFMD progress is positive and want RFMD to go higher to get its true value and the other group who are protecting short clients. The second group is paid by very aggressive investors who are willing to spend money to protect their investment. Just look at recent Yahoo news, 3 stocks I saw on TV by that has sell recommendation on RFMD. This web site is ignoring all facts and reversing the truth to protect some shorts or traders.