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  • drwimax drwimax Mar 26, 2010 4:54 PM Flag

    RFMD Top Compensated Officers

    RFMD Top Compensated Officers
    Mr. Robert A. Bruggeworth
    Chief Executive Officer, President and Direct...
    Age: 47 Total Annual Compensation: $609.1K

    Dr. Jerry D. Neal
    Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Ma...
    Age: 64 Total Annual Compensation: $337.5K

    Mr. William A. Priddy Jr.
    Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Vice Presi...
    Age: 48 Total Annual Compensation: $329.3K

    Mr. Robert M. Van Buskirk
    Corporate Vice President, President of Multi ...
    Age: 60 Total Annual Compensation: $375.0K

    Mr. Steven E. Creviston
    Corporate Vice President and President of Cel...
    Age: 45 Total Annual Compensation: $359.2K

    Additional money made from recent stock sales
    Robert A. Bruggerworth CEO
    23-Mar-10 50,000 RFMD Automatic Sale at $5.17 per share.
    (Proceeds of $258,500)
    2-Dec-09 145,000 RFMD Automatic Sale at $5 per share.
    (Proceeds of $725,000)
    Total of Bruggerworth's salary plus stock sales = $1,592,600.00

    William Priddy CFO
    23-Mar-10 20,000 RFMD Automatic Sale at $5.17 per share.
    (Proceeds of $103,400)
    2-Dec-09 103,969 RFMD Automatic Sale at $5 per share.
    (Proceeds of $519,845)
    Total of Priddy's salary plus stock sales = $952,545.00

    Now I ask you....are these clowns worth that much money? Should they be permitted to rape RFMD investors year after year?
    Anyone who says they are entitled to this money should get their head examined.

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    • pompano dear, CY has HALF the cashflow of RFMD, it trades at a forward PE of 14 almost 15, RFMD is at 9 almost 10. CY, negative quarterly earnings growth.
      CASHFLOW/PE/EARNINGS GROWTH....okay, Dear RFMD Board, could you give these guys a pay raise please!?

    • this is a dead subject matter but okay, here we go. this ia a billion dollar cap company and GROWing. total comp of officers comes to what? 2mil? 3 mil? I'm too lazy to add it up. Statistically insignificant.
      TAXES on CAP GAINS goes up next year. TAXES for last year are due NLT 15 APR. Okay, there are two very good reasons someone might need/want some cash/ or to take davantage of this years LOWER cap gains tax which OBAMA plans on letting expire.
      Oh, and, there are incentives this year to move money from 401ks/IRAs etc. to ROTH IRAs.
      Oh and also, 250 grand won't buy a decent beach home in the sun. It might buy two mercedes and a golf cart or two but lets face it. Any of the above would be acceptable wouldn't it?
      Usually when someone is making such a big issue about insider selling they are a disgruntled current or former employee or an investor who bought at highs!
      How much of this stock that these guys own was bought/issued at the highs? How much selling did they do years back at the highs? How much of their earnings do they get to keep after taxes?
      If you were making a point along the lines of hey, the rats are abandoning the ship we had better sell too, that would be one thing but no, you're focus is how much they make! So what! Right now my money is riding in the car they are driving! If they want to refuel, get a new paintjob, blow through a toll booth, I'm all for it as long as we arrive safely at a good destination! The innovation this company has shown alone is worth a pay raise across the board in my opinion.
      I hope they all want to sell a BOAT LOAD of stock at 10 bucks, then again at 15 bucks and maybe even more at 20 bucks!

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      • "this is a dead subject matter but okay, here we go. this ia a billion dollar cap company and GROWing. total comp of officers comes to what? 2mil? 3 mil? I'm too lazy to add it up. Statistically insignificant."
        You are right it is a dead issue because exec comp is determined by how much execs are paid in similar companies in the semi sector. So it won't change.

        Not quite right in the magnitude of what these guys are paid.
        Bruggeworth alone makes .6m salary and $2.4m plus from stock compensation putting his total comp over $3m per year.

        Priddy makes .3m salary and over 1m in stock compensation putting his total comp at 1.3m + per year.

        Crev .4m and 1.3m for 1.7m per year.

        VB .4m and 2.4m for 2.8m per year.

        J. Neal .3m and .7m for almost 1.1m per year.

        Exec compensation pushes $10m per year for the five of them.

    • Before printing that you really need to investigate other companys as well! Just take a gander at CY and the recent insider sales over the past couple of months. I can give you a hand ful f others. RFMD Mgmt is not over the top by any means.

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      • Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (CY) is in excellent financial health compared to RFMD. They have Total Cash (mrq): $299.64M
        Total Cash Per Share (mrq): $ 1.85/ share
        Total Debt (mrq): $0

        CY Shares Outstanding: 162.01M

        Market Cap: $1.86B

        Forward P/E (fye 03-Jan-12) 1: 14.16

        Current Share Price $11.51

        It's like comparing Apples and Oranges. I wouldn't mind if the Insiders were selling when their balance sheet looks like Cypress Semi's.