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  • boar292hog boar292hog Apr 22, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    SHORT weaving?

    Good point Rick..I know Soros is in this stock and there are others. Wellington management acts of behalf of customers and they might be playing games too.
    The funny thing about this stock is that the option activity is....almost embarrassingly absent.
    You're correct, someone milks this when they need too or so it seems. I wish I knew who was short and how long they have been short, this would tell us alot.
    Bottomline, RFMD is still a "show me" stock, it has to show a clear path upward before the SHORTs stop looking over their shoulder at RFMDs past.
    Unfortunately, because of RFMDs turbulent past, this 20 million SHORT is probably offsetting a long position so no one is really losing on the position until they try to cover and this is ( I think ) what we see around earnings times, the see-saw/weaving.
    Or, it some weaseldick TRUSTFUND Baby working the system churning and burning as much as he can get away with! In any event, even NOK had a nice POP in smartphone sales, that works for me! take care!