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  • dbr_x6 dbr_x6 May 24, 2010 1:04 PM Flag

    Palin (with no irony) accuses Obama of being in bed with Big Oil

    I suppose all is fair when trying to tar and feather a black President.

    Palin, who quit the Alaska governorship after serving less than half of one term, famously promoted the slogan "Drill, baby, drill!" that rallied supporters while dismissing possible environmental impact of off-shore drilling.

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    • Can't we ...all........CAN'T WE......CAN'T ..WE ALL....GET ALONG!? LOL !

    • DBR perpetuates more Liberal Urban Myth! Jesse Jackson tried to call his critics racists when he ran for President only to come to the realization that it wasn't his skin color, it was his ideology and his incompetence that his critics attacked.
      Liberals want to play the same race card today in defense of Obama even though OBAMA himself continually says he does not belive his critics are racists. He is correct, his critics are nailing his ideology and incompetence. DBR, YOU are the racist! YOU are the one trying to tie this anti-lib movement to race. As a result, while you bar the doors from your mythical urban myth boogieman, everyone around you is wondering what it is that YOU see that NO ONE else sees! LOL!

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      • Nothing perpetuates the irony of right wingers more than to see "their country" being run into the ground by one of their own: Dubya.

        But if that is not enough irony, right wingers then assign ideological blame for the mess Bush created on the successor who happens to be dealing with it, as though the solution should have been just more of the same Bush leadership.

        One of these days, the right will only have themselves to blame, and then they can do the only logical thing left: shoot themselves in the head for finally recognizing their own futility.

        The right is damn lucky they have someone else now to blame.

      • Why so much hatred of a Black President?

        I'm a moderate Republican and the only explanation I have that seems to fit is racism.

        Obama brings out the KKK nut baggers.

    • Hey DBR, I don't know if its true or not but I heard Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are ready to claim they are Viet Nam veterans too! LOL !
      Guess they feel guilty for not serving and then spitting on veterans as they returned to the US.

    • I don't understand why Obama condones slavery. Allowing Illegal Mexicans to stay in the country is just that///// Contractors and others hire them under the minimum wage law, do not provide them with Medical insurance etc.. In LA the majority of them live in garages. I also don't understand why Obama does not want to enforce the laws in this country. We have an immigration law right now.

      Remember Bush is gone,, this is the Obama show....

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      • What's great about tea partiers is their ignorance, and no better mascot for ignorance can replace Palin.

        Slavery? Get a clue before spouting unsupported nonsense.

        "Remittances from the Unites States accounted for US$25 billion in 2008 making it the country’s second largest source of foreign exchange."

        The interconnectedness of the Mexican and US economies is well known. It is derived from close linkages across four important economic channels: trade, remittances, investment, and financial channels. The trade channel is especially well developed, with 85 per cent of all Mexican exports destined for sale in the American domestic market. Remittances from the Unites States accounted for US$25 billion in 2008 making it the country’s second largest source of foreign exchange. The investment channel further demonstrates the close ties between two economies’ with half of Mexican foreign direct investment flowing from US-based investors. Whilst highly integrated financial systems allows for close and reliable economic relations.

    • Palin nothing more than a walking "Sound Bite" she's as dumb as a rock!

      Spill Baby Spill!

    • Sounds like you are upset because the Tea Party is going to cut off Obama's oil money for 2012. You have to consider that there is a proper way to drill and it is not by having your administration get in bed with big oil. Obama got caught not watching or enforcing the laws.