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  • boar292hog boar292hog May 24, 2010 9:14 PM Flag

    dbr x6 thats the smartest post you ever made

    qdog, lol! Slow down, your intellect is overwhelming! Bush said when asked DURING his Presidency that the reason he didn't defend or speak out against his critics was because his presidency was not about him but, about those he sent into harms way in two wars, voted on/approved by your beloved tramp demos.
    Regarding the debt crisis, it is a direct result of the CRA which was created by your beloved jimmy Carter then left for dead only to be revamped and brought back to life by Clinton! You know, when banks were FORCED by your beloved Demo's to make home loans to folks who DID NOT QUALIFY! Am I typing slow enough for you to follow this qfuk?LOL! I love you man! LOL! At any rate, Fanniemae/freddiemac were used to push a SOCIAL AGENDA and if you are aware of your surroundings, then you know the head of fannie ( a DEMODUD like you) apologized at a senate hearing about 5 weeks ago for fannies troubles. He made millions, tax payers lose it all and dumbazz demos like you can't conect the dots and take the blame for using legislation/policy to socially engineer your wishes by bastardizing free market vehicles.
    Sorry if I wrote this ABOVE your head/understanding, save it and go back and read it periodically to remind yourself of why the debt crisis came about! LOL! LIBidiot!

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    • boar,
      Read Faber's book, titled something like "And Then The Roof Caved In."

      You won't stick to your right wing demagogued neatly packaged finger-pointing of what caused the debt crisis.

      Open your mind and shut off Fox News.

      • 1 Reply to monrio1
      • People seek simplistic answers and zealots provide them.

        Fact is that the housing bubble existed because there was a LOT of money to be made, at all levels.

        Homeowners piled up debt in their homes to buy junk, able to do so because mortgage companies were looking for risky loans to fill in tranches for MBS buyers who were seeking higher yield.

        You want to blame someone, blame all the humans.

        It isn't about red or blue, it is about green. This is like rock, paper, scissors, and paper covers the other two.

        Of course, the right wingers are the rock.

        That said, Barney Frank is a disgrace and it is disgusting that he is still there.