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  • ohyeah4q2 ohyeah4q2 Mar 17, 2011 9:13 PM Flag

    Republicans busy as beavers with budget cuts

    "Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) argued that, coupled with the reductions in a previously approved stopgap measure, Congress would be cutting $10 billion in five weeks — an unusually swift level of reductions."

    At that rate, they'll have cut $100 billion out of the $14 trillion debt in one year. They should have the budget back to where it was when Bill Clinton left office in only 140 years. Keep up the good work guys.,0,6839982.story

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    • Republican Politicians are THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCE in America.

      They are absolutely useless as leaders. (Would you follow George Bush, Sarah Palin, Newt or Huckabee
      into war?) The GOP is a thoughtless, knee jerk organization, devoid of any morality. Too bad as
      many of their hometown voters are good people. They just haven't realized how diabolical their Cheney/Rovian party has become.

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      • How can we have world dictatorship without an austerity driven global depression?

        I just don't see how it can be done if the economy is healthy. The middle class are obstructing the ability of the aristocracy to revert our political system back to the historical norm.

        Mankind got along for 100,000's of thousands of years with the upper 1% ruling the lower 99%.

        What is democracy in the face of that time scale?

    • You have correctly deducted that the republican response to the budget deficits the republicans created (4 trillion for the wrong war, another 4 trillion for unnecessary tax cuts for millionaires the last decade, another trillion for extending unnecessary tax cuts for millionaires for 2 more years, and another trillion for unnecessary welfare subsidies for oil companies etc.) are not the fix, but still ANOTHER bad republican leadership idea.

      Yeah, but they make up for this stupidity by trying to make you think it's the fault of Social Security (paid for without debt by us until 2050), Medicare (a small fraction of the debt) and Union wages and benefits - none of which would significantly reduce the debt, instead of outrageous defense spending of the military-industrial-complex Ike warned against. They have shown their hand just like that fascist governor of Wisconsin.

      It's NOT about the debt, it's about destroying unions and social programs that help the middle class defend themselves against rich anti-democracy right wing skunks like the Koch brothers.

      And, not a word about creating jobs for the 11 million the republicans put out of work exporting their jobs to China. Nope, the rich republicans got much richer, so what if the poor just got more kids.

      Good luck to all good people.