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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 May 15, 2011 10:06 AM Flag

    6 Month Relative Performance of RFMD

    Well to be honest if you look at 2 year relative stock price performance starting at about Feb 2009 to the Feb 2011 then RFMD and TQNT are already both 8 baggers and SWKS was a 9 bagger. TQNT and SWKS were first to come off the bottom.

    Now they are all off their highs but RFMD was the first to come down. RFMD was the downside leader. I think TQNT and SWKS have a ways to go down yet. And when the RF market turns around it likely won't be RFMD leading the way up.

    Perhaps the best stratedgy would be to wait for the leaders, SWKS and TQNT, to complete their corrections, then get into one of them first to capture the cream, then rotate into RFMD to do the same, and then back to the leaders until RFMD bites it again as your signal to get out of RF chips altogether.

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    • My just written post got scrubbed by Yahoo. I will summarize.

      Mistaking Rfmd for Swks and Tqnt does not make sense because they largely serve different asp customers and end products.

      Rfmd filled its belly with Nokia and now has turned to China to do the same: low asp, low margin business.
      Swks and Tqnt filled their bellies with Apple, high asp and high margin business.

      One only has listen to Creviston to get the future: not all new product margins now are accretive to corporate gross margins, when six months ago they were.

      Rfmd should not be grouped together with Swks and Tqnt and one should not assume the operating results will track, or the stock performances.

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      • RFMD will get higher multiples and richer valuations when everybody catches on with the notion that Nok is far from being dead, or when the Nok comeback becomes more and more real to most... for now the appl mystique rules supreme but if you look closely and some analysts are beginning to do just that (see the pyrmid research on Nok posted recently by pac) and you'll get an appreciation that a nok smartphone comeback is not a such a far fetched idea after all and remember rfmd has stuck with nok thru thin and thick throughtout all the lean years...