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  • dbr_x6 dbr_x6 Dec 2, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    Herman Cain launches 'Women for Herman Cain' Website

    The whole nominating process has devolved into a mob-inducing freak show.

    That some of these people even think they are qualified to represent America speaks to the poor state of our political process.

    Not that I disagree with their ideas, but if we are left with Colonel 'Newt' Sanders or some guy named Mitt, then that's just kind of sad.

    But then this is the party of Reagan, so the bar was kind of low to begin with.

    The party attracts crazy people.

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    • The latest iteration of the Republicans are indeed for the most part crazy. Any party that judges Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann to be sufficiently mainstreat (i.e., electable) has gone off the rails. I was a registered Republican and voted that way until Ronald Reagan, going against his isolationist yet anti-Communist era. We spent money hand over fist under Reagan, building historic deficits, inevitably followed by stealth tax increases. That blueprint seems to still b inplace today. Despite Republican rhetoric about "no new taxes" they will indeed find a way to do it, only it will be on the backs of the working poor and middle class. Mark my words. They will do it again.

      y and thinking

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      • I can remember when the Presidency was not considered a reality TV show.

        Funny thing is, Obama in many ways tracks against that trend, living up to his no-drama moniker.

        His policies may be disagreeable to some (no more socialist than Ford or Nixon, imo), but he is in many ways more Presidential than anyone since Reagan.

        Of course, the actual comparisons in that time frame are Clinton and two Bush's, but compared to recent candidates such as Dean, Bachmann, Palin, Cain, Santorum, Perry, et al... Obama stands heads above that crowd.

        Hillary and Mitt are the only two who measure up, imo. Like Ron Paul, Gingrinch is just a little too nutbaggy. Mitt is just a John Kerry clone.

        I think we can do better.