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  • bonrusso bonrusso Apr 22, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    COME ON $5.40 ++ by tomorrow afternoon

    We just might get there if we can get a nice market up day tomorrow. Shorts are going to "stay away" in my opinion.....they will make there money late Wednesday or Thursday if we pop nice.....LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO.
    There is no reason for them to short today or tomorrow in my opinion......they will short the GAP UP or shortly aftr (sometimes this stock runs a little after we pop but then it ALWAYS DIES.....look at the other POPS after earnings).
    Well, I am going to cross my fingers we somehow trade above $5.40 tomorrow and then like MOST OTHERS hope for a nice earnings report and come Wednesday (shortly after the initial POP but before NOON) I am OUTTA HERE and you boys/girls can have fun with RFMD this Spring and Summer......might trade it a little and truly for fun might short a few thousand shares after the POP which I have never done but I like the risk/reward of the GAP FILLING so why not make a little "spending change". Would be fun to "play with the PUKES" rather then always watching them PLAY WITH US !!!!
    Well here is hoping to a nice 10% POP on Wednesday to get us to $6 which is when I say ADIOS AMIGOS and it has been a fun run since late 2012 at $3.95 !!! 50% is plenty for me and I will do it again next year as I only play SEASONALITY as this stock truly doesn't "buck the trend" that well due to all the PUKES that control it.
    All you are seeing today and tomorrrow and Wednesday is what COULD HAPPEN if not for the GAMES THEY PLAY and they will be back late Wednesday or Thursday as always and start taking this baby back to $5 !!! The run to $7 will start late this year.....just my 2 cents !!!! Hopefully, I will be back on board for that ride......hopefully, the market sells off and the PUKES take us back to $4 so I can do it all over again this November through April.....that is the way I play SEASONALITY.....if not for the PUKES we would be so much higher as this Company truly did a nice job the last 6 months and $5.28 should have been $7 IMHO !!!!